Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fall Empties & De-clutter 2016

It's that time of the month again! 

The weather has been strange lately. It's going back and forth between warm and cold. Though I'm told within this coming Winter will be the coldest in the past couple years. I am not looking forward to that. Thank goodness for Uniqlo opening up! I can stock up on leggings. Winter is coming my friends!

Anyway, similar to my post from May, I only have a few products that are actually empty. The rest are de-clutters. I'm doing a pretty good job in clearing out unwanted products every once in a while. I have to remind myself to do this more often. 


Left to right:
Nature Republic: Alo Vera Gel
Nature Republic: Aloe Vera Emulsion
Laneige: Water Bank Serum
It's Skin: YE Effector
Laneige: Sun Block

Nature Republic: Aloe Vera Gel
With such a large tub, I knew I wouldn't be able to use this up if I kept this for my face. So this was my body moisturizer for half the summer.
Honestly, this gel is amazing. It's incredibly moisturizing and it doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky at all. It's not thick enough for winter, but for the summer, it's great.

I don't quite like that it's in a tub though. If it was in a squeeze tube then it would be perfect.
Definitely worth trying and I would repurchase this next summer for sure. This is available on Amazon for $13 CAD and up.

Nature Republic: Aloe Vera Emulsion
I endedup buying this emulsion randomly on Sasa last year. I actually bought 2 of them because they were on sale for about $10 CAD a bottle?

Even though it's an emulsion, it's actually pretty thick in consistency. Basically like regular body lotion. Also did a good job in keeping my face moisturized. But since I have so many products, I ended up using this on my body as well.
I was a little worried it wasn't going to be thick enough? But for end of Summer/ beginning of Fall, it's pretty good. Basically the only way I'd be able to use this up. I ended up not using this bottle for a couple months before I decided to just use it as body lotion instead. No regrets.

I had to buy a pump from Muji for this bottle though. It just has a little hole where the product comes out. But with the product being so thick, I have no idea how it would have been able to come out at all.

Would I purchase this again? Probably not. I like the gel version more. While I enjoyed using this, it's not good enough for me to run out and repurchase. The emulsion is available on Amazon for about $14 CAD.

Laneige: Water Bank Serum
Full review of this serum here

It's Skin: YE Effector
The serum is supposed to help revive your skin, improve skin texture and offers some anti-aging properties.

Initially, when I first started using this serum, I loved it. I loved it so much, I went back and purchased two 60ml bottles! I found it did what it advertised. My skin was softer and brighter not long after I incorporated the serum into my morning skincare routine
But I would say at the two month mark, it stopped working its magic. My skin looked alright, other products I used made my skin softer. In the end I just became really bored and couldn't wait to be done with this.

Granted, all skincare products can only do so much and it could very easily have been my skin got used to the serum. But when I finally finished the bottle, I didn't miss it. My skin was able to live without the serum. I mean, I'll have to go back to this because I still have one more 60ml bottle of this stuff. But I know I will not repurchase this one I'm finally done with the last bottle of serum.

Good to note that the serum is light enough and recommended to mix with other serums. I purchased the large 60ml bottle for $29.99 CAD each and the sales associate gave me an addition 20% off because I purchase two bottles.

Laneige: Sun Block
This sun block had a slight yellow undertone so it luckily didn't leave a white cast on my face.

It's a small package, but a little went a long way. Or mainly I only used a pea sized amount which I'm sure I should have used more. So it basically look me a month to use up this little tube.

I found it helped brighten my skin a bit which was quite nice, but also left my skin looking dewy/glowy. For a person with oily skin, it is a nightmare. After the first application, the dewy look it provides is really nice. But my skin ends up looking oily more quickly. Aside from that, it's moisturizing, not sticky or greasy.

I would use this sun block again, but I would save it as my Winter sun screen vs the Summer. My skin is less oily then and would suit me better.


Left to right:
Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX
Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch
Holika Holika One solution Anti Wrinkle
DrG Bio-RTx Mentor Cream for oily skin

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX
You can tell I've had this sleeping pack for a while now because of the old packaging. It's basically been sitting in my medicine cabinet for a while.

I found in the summer this sleeping pack provided enough hydration for me. But the winter, it was not enough. I would apply a layer after my shower and then before bed, I would have to put on even more. The scent for the sleeping pack was also too strong. At first I found it rather pleasant, but in the end it was too much for my skin.

The past couple of years, my skin has become far too sensitive for heavily scented products. so I didn't try to use this on my feet or body for fear of my skin breaking out.

Laneige has since reformulated and repackaged this sleeping pack so I can't say how the new one is. But considering how little I enjoyed the old sleeping pack and how heavily scented it is, I'd rather not risk it with the new one.

Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch
I didn't get a chance to wear these often enough to reap the benefits. The fit was fine, but since the material is gel, it was constantly slipping. Basically couldn't move at all. I found it too annoying so I set it aside. Within 2 months the essence dried up.

I prefer full face masks over eye patches, so I won't bother purchasing these again.

Holika Holika One Solution Anti Wrinkle 
For a short while, Winners had a bunch of Holika Holika products. I purchased this on a whim.

There's nothing wrong with the essence. I never saw any improvement in my skin as it's an anti-wrinkle serum. So no short term skin improvements. But the thing that made me dislike and eventually stop using this was the scent. It had a very very mature scent.

I will not repurchase because the scent was far too strong.

Dr.G Bio-RTx Mentor Cream for oily skin
I had never heard of this brand prior to receiving this product in a Memebox from a while back. That being said, it wasn't anything amazing. It was a decent moisturizer, but it did nothing for my oily skin. Which is why this cream had been sitting in the corner of my cabinet for so long. I totally forgot about this until I was rummaging through my products.

I'm glad I only received a deluxe sample because I will not use this again.

Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation (pictured in the first photo)
I had forgot to include this in the close up shot. Didn't find it was too moisturizing. The scent smelled like chemicals so I stopped using it.

Those are my empties for basically Fall. What products did you use up? Have you tried any of the products I have listed?

The Good
  • Nature Republic: Alo Vera Gel
  • Laneige: Water Bank Serum
  • Laneige: Sun Block

  • Nature Republic: Aloe Vera Emulsion
  • It's Skin: YE Effector

  • The Bad
    • Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX
    • Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch
    • Holika Holika One solution Anti Wrinkle 
    • DrG Bio-RTx Mentor Cream for oily skin 

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