Sunday, June 19, 2016

CoverGirl - TruBlend Liquid Foundation Review

Now, I'm not one to wear much foundation. Main reason being, I sleep in so majority of the time I wake up too late to bother. Or simply because I rub my eyes and touch my face too much (I know, really bad habits, I can't help it!).

But every once in a while, there are a few new releases that capture my attention and I pick it up to try. At this moment, including this bottle I have three foundations in my collection. I mean, I'll never use them up before their expiration dates, but at least I have them!

For this particular foundation, I was chosen by BzzAgent to participate in their campaign for CoverGirl. If you're curious what BzzAgent is, the short answer from their website:
Try products and services, then share your honest opinions about them with people you know. 
They gave us a few different foundations to choose from:

- Tru Blend Liquid Foundation
- Clean Oil Control
- Simply Ageless Foundation
- Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation
- Outlast Stay Fabulous

A few of the lines did not have my shade, so I was a little limited. In the end, I went with Warm Beigh L-7 from their TruBlend Foundation line.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

May Empties and De-Clutter 2016 + Mini reviews

Hey everyone!

Have you been enjoying the weather so far? It's been amazing out lately! The one thing I miss having living in Toronto is a balcony. I would love to just lay out and tan a bit. Oh and not having to smell sewage everywhere I walk. In my hometown, I just smell cow manure. Which some people can argue is worse, but it's usually only one time out of the year the town smells like it. Mainly April when they fertilize the fields. I choose manure one time out of the year over sewage all year round! Would you agree?

I'm actually quite proud of myself this month. I like to hoard things so I usually have random junk lying around. This also means I tend to buy more products than I can use. I was cleaning out my drawer the other day and found so many random products I forgot about. It's like shopping and everything is free!

I've also written a short summary at the end of the post as well. 

After some products failed to impress me and some just causing my skin to break out, I managed to get rid of quite a number of products. I definitely de-cluttered more than I emptied.