Monday, January 12, 2015

The Face Shop - Chia Seed Watery Eye & Spot Essence Review

Hello 2015! Hope you had a wonderful New Years. I didn't do anything too exciting. It was far too cold to celebrate outside so I stayed in instead. No regrets! The older I get, the more I just want to stay indoors and just be in my PJs. Anyone else feel the same?

Anyway, last year when I was getting into skincare my under eyes were neglected. I'm a little self conscious of my dark circles, so I wanted to find something to help with them.

I did a bit of research and behold, The Face Shop Chia Seed Watery Eye & Spot essence!

The Face Shop Chia Seed line is very popular and is known for its hydration. When I first started reading up on what products to try, my friend recommended this to me. 
Taken from The Face Shop
An intensive essence exclusively for the eyes & spots. A chiffon-like soft spread and moisturization provide one-step care to dark circles around the eyes, liver spots and blemishes. Flawless care with moisture level-up around the eyes, Chia seed, which absorbs moisture 10 times its own weight, and pearl extract raise the level of moisture and provides care to troubled areas for flawless clarity.
Contains 100% chia seeds water instead of water. Chia seeds water is extracted within 24 hours via the Fresh method, instead of water delivers the vitality of the highly pure chia seeds.

Now based on the ingredients list from the photos above, it is quite clear that the essence isn't not completely free of all additives. But it does not contain the 7 additives pictured above.

I briefly researched a few of the ingredients. Most are not hazardous even though certain websites state otherwise.
If you are concerned with what chemicals are in the products you are using, it is important that you use your better judgement and do your research if you're not sure. Be sure to search up on government websites to ensure validity.

As with most of The Face Shop products, their packaging is simple. They put more importance on the actual product than the package which is always nice. 
I've mentioned before, I'm all about cute packaging but if the product is bad, I will not repurchase. 
The eye essence comes in a tube where you can squeeze the product out. I like the pointed tip because it helps regulate the amount I dispense. Not too much, not too little. The only down side to this product is that it would be difficult to squeeze out the remaining amount, similar to toothpaste. I always need something to push the rest of the product to the front. 

Since it is an essence it is very light and 'watery' as The Face Shop puts it. There is no scent (which I like) and it spread under the eyes quite easily. I use this in the mornings mostly, since I have a night essence.
Honestly, it didn't work for me. I haven't really found a change in my dark circles. To me, the dark circles correlate with the amount of sleep I had the night before.
I also don't have a lot of eye spots and the few months I have been using this product, I haven't seen a difference under my eyes.
I do like how moisturizing it feels though. It's hydrating enough for me to not have to use a cream on top.

Final Thoughts:
It's quite moisturizing, which I like. But I have detected no major difference over the months I have been using it. I actually have become a little lazy with my skincare routine and I have neglected using this essence for the past couple of weeks. I will pick it up and start using it again since my skin has been really dry. But once I use up this product, I will keep looking around for something else. In the future I may decide to repurchase but purely for a moisturizing only. I'll just focus on getting more sleep to help decrease my dark circles.
If you're curious to try this out definitely stop by The Face Shop and check it out.

I  purchased this on ebay for about $14CAD with shipping included.

Have you tried anything from The Face Shop Chia Seed line? What's your favourite go to eye cream/serum?

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  1. Booooo, what a disappointment. I've been "eyeing" some eye essences but am thinking I need a proper eye cream for my emerging fine lines. :( This one is probably too lightweight. --Angela

    1. That's true, essences are nice, but they are very light weight. I'm ok with laying my skincare for the face, but I always find it's too much for my eyes and would prefer to stick to one product only.