Tuesday, January 27, 2015

KOSE- Softymo Speedy Cleansing Foam Review

Hello everyone! 

How are your New Years Resolutions coming along? I didn't really make any, since I knew I would break them almost immediately. I did tell myself I would try waking up and going to sleep earlier. I have failed. But I am keeping up with writing down everything I need to do for the day or the next day. It helps me stay organized. 

Anyway, I'm reviewing a cleanser today. I haven't found one that I've liked enough to stick with. But so far with this one, I like it enough that I may repurchase after it's finished. 
I usually use a gentle cleanser for the morning and a gentle exfoliating facial cleanser for the evening. 

I really enjoy using Japanese skincare products. Kose is quite popular in Japan and Softymo is quite affordable. 
Back in High School I used their oil based cleanser, which I didn't like at the time, but I am looking to repurchase in the future. 

Let's take a closer look!

Taken from Sasa.com:
Kose SOFTYMO Speedy Cleansing Foam is dense granular fluffy bubbles that last long on the skin. The makeup-removing and cleaning formula quickly and completely clears away sunblock, make-up and impurities on the face while moisturizing. The mild product contains no artificial colouring and is non-irritating. It does not leave the skin taut after use. 
Softymo is one of the drugstore brands from Kose. I didn't find out till just now that Rimmel London is part of Kose. Same with Paul & Joe and Jill Stewart (both from the High Prestige Line). If you want to find out more, visit the Kose Global website

I quite like the packaging, it's simple and cute. It is also quite sturdy and doesn't feel cheap. 
Something about the shape of the bottle reminds me of fluffy bubbles/foam. Also, is the model on the bottle trying to tell me I'm a loser?! Or maybe I'll be just as smiley after I cleanse my face?

I prefer this pump to the L'Occitane one I reviewed in my empties, because this one does not get stuck. A few times the L'Occitane cleanser, when I pressed down, the nozzle stayed down. I ended up having to pull it back up. I just know the longer I use it, the worse it'll get. 
Similar to the L'Occitane bottles, this is re-useable and you can purchase a large bag of the cleanser. I'm looking into purchasing more of this in the future and so far I have found it for about $8-10. 
I also like on the side of the bottle there is a thin translucent line, which helps to see how much product is left. As someone who is quite lazy, I appreciate this. None of that weighing in my hands and approximating how much I have left. Half a bottle? 1/3? I have no idea.

The product comes out as a foam and it does a pretty good job in cleaning off any dirt and makeup. I did an eye shadow swatch on my inner arms. Rubbed a bit of this cleanser and came off immediately. I was quite impressed. 
My skin feels clean and soft after use. 
What I especially like about this cleanser and is the main reason I will be repurchasing in the future, is that aside from it not being irritating, it has NO SCENT at all! 
It works just the same as the L'Occitane foam cleanser minus the weird scent. So in my books it makes Softymo a clear winner.

Unfortunately I can't read Japanese, but for those of you who can and are interested in the ingredients, voila (above). 

Final Thoughts
As the cleanser advertises, it is non-irritating and leaves the skin feeling soft and taut. It's gentle, but strong enough to remove any makeup you have on. I have not tested it out on waterproof makeup though.
I think this is a great dupe for the L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam I mentioned in my previous empties post. Since it has no scent what so ever and is under $15, I will be repurchasing and using this cleanser from now on. 

Overall, I like it and definitely recommend it. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to those expensive foam cleansers, this is a great dupe. 

I purchased this from adambeauty for $13 USD. 

What is your favourite cleanser? Do you use foam, oil or balm?

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  1. I had an eye on this for sometime, but somehow I have still too many cleansers in order to buy any additionl ones. But I love how this comes with a pump and turns foam :)

    1. Yeah, I've accumulated a couple from Memebox. I won't be repurchasing until I'm done the other cleansers.
      I would recommend you try it out though!
      Yeah, the pump is definitely really nice. And it's a cute bottle too!

  2. I had a cleanser by Softymo before and I really liked it! I keep hearing positive reviews about their oil cleanser so I must try it too.

    1. I had one of their oil cleansers, but at the time I didn't like it. I really want to try it again cause I've heard great things too!

  3. Ooh I have the oil cleanser but hadn't spotted the foam cleanser! I love them for their affordability, when I'm next in Japan I shall have to keep an eye out for it.

    Sophie | MapleTreeBlog

    1. The cleanser was really good! I haven't repurchased since, because I've been using and trying different cleansers. But once I'm done everything, I will definitely come back to this. I've kept the bottle haha.