Sunday, April 17, 2016

Nudestix - 3 Piece Mini Set: Swatches

Hey everyone!

I'm sure a lot of people were aware of the annual VIB Sephora Sale. I made a small order which I ended up posting on my instagram.

I was going to write a haul post of the items I ordered from Sephora, but since my order was small, I figured I'd skip that and do a swatch of the Nudestix set instead.

The Nudestix set comes with 3 lip pencils that can be used for the lips and cheek.

Taken from Sephora:
A limited-edition lip and cheek set with three coveted lip pencils: the Lip + Cheek Pencil, Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil, and Gel Colour Lip + Cheek Balm in three neutral shades. These three double-duty lip pencils provide three different lip textures and lip looks that you can take anywhere.
I have to say, I've fallen IN LOVE with the formulas after first application. I love them so much, I'm tempted to buy a 2nd set as backup.

Friday, April 1, 2016

PinkSeoul - March K-Beauty Subscription Box Unboxing!

Hey everyone!

As you know, I'm slightly K-Beauty obsessed. I say slightly, because it doesn't make me feel as bad when I spend money on skincare items. I'm only SLIGHTLY obsessed OK?!

Even though I've been using Korean skincare items for over 2 years, I'm no closer to finding my holy grail products and I still feel like I'm a K-Beauty noob.

I love purchasing specialty/subscription boxes, even value sets because it gives me a chance to try out products I never would have purchased myself. I was quite saddened when Memebox stopped shipping internationally, as it no longer gave me the opportunity to try new products, or feed my K-Beauty addiction.

But I am happy to report, I have found another subscription box! I present you, newly launched, PinkSeoul!

I was on the fence whether to try them, and PinkSeoul was kind enough to send me a coupon for my first order! Let me tell you, I already can't wait for their second box!