Friday, April 1, 2016

PinkSeoul - March K-Beauty Subscription Box Unboxing!

Hey everyone!

As you know, I'm slightly K-Beauty obsessed. I say slightly, because it doesn't make me feel as bad when I spend money on skincare items. I'm only SLIGHTLY obsessed OK?!

Even though I've been using Korean skincare items for over 2 years, I'm no closer to finding my holy grail products and I still feel like I'm a K-Beauty noob.

I love purchasing specialty/subscription boxes, even value sets because it gives me a chance to try out products I never would have purchased myself. I was quite saddened when Memebox stopped shipping internationally, as it no longer gave me the opportunity to try new products, or feed my K-Beauty addiction.

But I am happy to report, I have found another subscription box! I present you, newly launched, PinkSeoul!

I was on the fence whether to try them, and PinkSeoul was kind enough to send me a coupon for my first order! Let me tell you, I already can't wait for their second box!

How I found this company really is a serendipity! I joined Instagram earlier this month and while exploring I saw a ton of posts about the company.

Brief information about PinkSeoul:
PinkSeoul was created with the goal of providing you with easy and stress-free access to best value Korean cosmetics.
As I mentioned above, PinkSeoul is newly launched and it is a bi-monthly K-Beauty subscription box.

PinkSeoul has three different box services. I chose the K-Beauty PinkSeoul Box for $39.95 USD.
This gets you up to 4 full sized items along with a an accessory item.

They also offer a PinkSeoul Plus Box, recommended for 35+ for $49.95 USD. And finally a Mask Box for $29.95 USD.

This is where PinkSeoul stands out above the rest. All boxes are curated to your skins needs. When you go to order, they will ask you what your skin concerns are and what your skin tone is as well. I chose combination/oily skin so these products are geared towards my skin type.

Within the box, it includes a card with brief descriptions of all items received, the prices along with a little blurb about your skin type. They emphasize that the products received aren't about the price or even the packaging. It's all about the ingredients that would be most effective towards your skin.

Below are the descriptions of all the products received along with the price. 

Click to enlarge

I've already used a couple of the masks, along with the tattoo lip tint. Most of the brands I'm not familiar with so I'm super excited to try them out! I was also pleasantly surprised we were given some samples to try as well!

The good thing about this subscription box being bi-monthly, is that it really gives me the chance to incorporate the products into my skincare routine, and actually be able to use them! Don't get me wrong, I love monthly subscription boxes, but the products I receive end up piling up. I only have one face, I can't use them all! Where-as bi-monthly is enough time for me to use up whatever I'm currently using.

Of course, if you end up enjoying any of the products in the boxes, PinkSeoul does sell them in their store.

I really think it's worth trying out PinkSeoul. You're guaranteed at least 4 full sized items. With shipping and conversion to CAD this averages out to $63 CAD. All items in this particular box came to $79.5 USD, which would be $103 CAD. You do get a bang for your buck and you know the ingredients in the items offered will be of good quality as well. Also the founder Anna is so kind. Their customer service is second to none.

If you're interested in trying out PinkSeoul they've provided a discount code that will give you 10% off your first box! FRIENDS10

Which products in this box appeal to you? Have you tried any of them before?

Also, I'm on instagram! Follow me at serendipitousjoann and get glimpses of products I'm trying out!

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