Sunday, June 19, 2016

CoverGirl - TruBlend Liquid Foundation Review

Now, I'm not one to wear much foundation. Main reason being, I sleep in so majority of the time I wake up too late to bother. Or simply because I rub my eyes and touch my face too much (I know, really bad habits, I can't help it!).

But every once in a while, there are a few new releases that capture my attention and I pick it up to try. At this moment, including this bottle I have three foundations in my collection. I mean, I'll never use them up before their expiration dates, but at least I have them!

For this particular foundation, I was chosen by BzzAgent to participate in their campaign for CoverGirl. If you're curious what BzzAgent is, the short answer from their website:
Try products and services, then share your honest opinions about them with people you know. 
They gave us a few different foundations to choose from:

- Tru Blend Liquid Foundation
- Clean Oil Control
- Simply Ageless Foundation
- Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation
- Outlast Stay Fabulous

A few of the lines did not have my shade, so I was a little limited. In the end, I went with Warm Beigh L-7 from their TruBlend Foundation line.

Taken from the Cover Girl website:
Available in 21 shades and features a new shade-matching system. [...] seamlessly flawless nude look that blends in and virtually disappears
I have to say, when I first received the product I was a little worried about the shade since it is a lot lighter than my skin tone. Even compared to my Maybelline Fit Mit: Matte + Poreless foundation. The base was not as olive/yellow toned. But as it turned out, once blended it matched beautifully.  

Firstly, it has a pump which I love. It helps regulate the amount of foundation dispensed way more easily. Actually, I only use half a pump as I prefer light coverage. The lack of pump was one of the things I disliked heavily about the Maybelline Fit Me: Matte + Poreless foundation. I actually purchased a Muji bottle with pump and transferred the product. Pumps all the way!!

Secondly, the cap has a twist top to open and close! It's not necessary but it is nice to have, especially if I plan on travelling with it. 

The foundation is scentless which is a huge plus for me. The product isn't too thick and blends very easily. As I mentioned above I was a little worried that it would be too light, but once blended, the tone was a perfect match. It doesn't oxidize throughout the day. I'm not fully tanned yet, so as of right now it matches perfectly. To give you a better idea, my shade for the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless is 220 during the winter. 

I tested this out with both the beauty blender and a flat top brush. It could be because the brush that I used was a little small, but it did not blend and look as flawless as the beauty blender. It could also be what I mentioned earlier, it wasn't as thick so it didn't blend as well with brushes. The beauty blender did a better job. 

What I especially liked about this foundation was that it did not cake up or make me look like I'm wearing a lot of foundation. I personally prefer sheer coverage because I lean towards more of a natural look. Also worth the mention, the foundation did not emphasize dry patches or sit in any lines on my face. I always have issues with foundations caking up on the sides of my nose. 

The foundation is buildable, but worth noting that my after photo I had on about two pumps worth of foundation. I usually just do half a pump to one, but I put on a little more to see how buildable it was. It did a fairly good job in covering up the redness on my face along with some of my freckles. 

Now there are a few things I disliked about the foundation as well. Number one being it is not sweat proof. Even after setting with powder. The first time I wore this out, it was pretty hot out and I was wearing my sunglasses. Naturally sweat built up by the nose pads. When I removed the sunglasses, the foundation bled and stuck onto the nose pads and even onto the ridge of my nose. The second time I wore this out, I chose not to wear sunglasses and it did end up lasting longer. Just... as long as I didn't sweat. But summer with temperatures reaching as high as 30-40 degrees who doesn't sweat?! By the end of the day my foundation by my nose basically rubbed off. I always blot my nose and t-zone throughout the day and I noticed every time, there was transfer. Compared to the Maybelline Fit Me foundation, the transfer wasn't as bad. 

To give you a better idea of how easily this foundation came off, I usually pump the product onto my hand. Whatever left over foundation there was I would wash off with cleanser. This one, I basically removed it with just warm water. That being said, the product in no way advertised oil prevention or long lasting, so be mindful of that. 

Overall thoughts
I don't hate this foundation, but I don't love it either. Be warned, if you wear this out in the summer, it has no longevity. Even with setting power on top. If you sweat easily, forget about it. 

Aside from the transferring of product and being non-water resistant, it is closest to my dream foundation. I like sheer coverage as I just want to cover up some redness on my face. The light coverage that gives off the no makeup-makeup look. But ultimately, I will not repurchase this foundation. The quest continues!

This foundation is available at most drugstores. Wal-mart has it for $11.94 CAD + taxes.

Have you tried this foundation before? What qualities do you look for in your perfect foundation?


The Good
- Scentless
- Has a pump that can be twisted closed
- Blends easily for a flawless look
- Sheer coverage
- Very natural look when applied
- Does not emphasize dry patches
- Under $13 CAD

The Bad
- Not water or sweat proof; ie. no longevity
- Transfers when blotting 
- Not good for oily skin, does not prevent shine
- Buildable but remains as light coverage
- Application not as good with a brush, beauty blender is better or with fingers

*I received this product complimentary from BzzAgent for my honest opinion. My opinion is my own and no way influenced. 


  1. My skin get ridiculously oily, so I have yet to find my "holy grail" foundation. While I used to use a lot of bb cushion in the past, I moved on to just using drugstore foundations. The coverage looks amazing, but I'm sure it wouldn't work for me especially with the humid environment in Texas. Thanks for writing the review! At least I have an idea of what would not work on me so I can avoid when I'm on the lookout for something new.

    1. I gave up on BB Cushions because of the dewy look. Always made me look more oily than I actually was. But you're right, drug store foundations can be just as good. Yeah, the foundation may not last well in the hot summer heat.