Sunday, April 6, 2014

Beyond - Cream Puff - Rice Milk Foam Cleanser review

I had never heard of Beyond, which is a Korean skincare company until I saw the products being sold. The brand was established in 2005, so it is relatively new and somewhat unknown. 
In Korea, the brand is just referred to as "Beyond". But in North America, it is, "Beyond Fruits & Passion", Fruits & Passion was the store I purchased it from. Though it has since closed down and The Face Shop opened in its place. (no complaints there!)

But since I always have my eye out for Korean skincare/cosmetics, I opted to try this out. I have cleansers already, but really, more the merrier... right?

I went with the Rice Milk Foam cleanser as it advertised in big letters, "Rice smoothes and relaxes your stressed skin"
As a student, anything that claims to relax stressed skin is something I want! Get it on my face!! De-stress me please!

Let's see if it actually does what it claims

From their website and the back of the package:
Rice milk which contains vitamin E and minerals found in rice bran provides excellent cleansing action and removed dead skin cells. After using the facial foam, the skin is left clean and pure
It's nothing that special. A sticker on the plastic squeeze bottle. They are ecofriendly, so it makes sense that their packaging will be simple. It's more about what's inside that counts anyhow.


This reminds me of Lancome's "Creme Radiance" cream-to-foam cleanser. As you can see above, it is a creme. When you rub it between your hands it begins to foam up. Just a bit though, don't expect a "rich lather" as mentioned on the package. I tried and was left with tired hands and just a tiny bit of foam to show for it. 

Also similar to the Creme Radiance cleanser is that your face feels squeaky clean. I'm almost too afraid to scrub my face, because once the foam is rinsed off, your hands start to tug on your skin a bit.
It is definitely gentle, and good for everyday use. I tend to use this at night when I shower. 

But does it relax stressed skin? 
It's not drying and it is rather gentle. But I would not say I feel relaxed or refreshed after using this cleanser though.

I also suggest being careful when applying this to your face and washing. If you are like me-lazy; then carefully spread the product around your face. After you rub it between your hands and the foam is created, try not to get the product over your eye lids. I tend to just close my eyes, put my hands to my face, and scrub everywhere. After I rinse my face, till the product is gone, my eyes become somewhat sensitive, because when I open them, they sting for a bit. But when I am careful, then everything is fine. 
Just a heads up for the lazy ones such as myself. 
The cleanser is also paraben free!


The scent is not terrible. Honestly, it really does smell like rice. Not the raw rice from the bag smell though. For those who cook rice in a rice cooker, you know the smell that is emitted from the cooker? It smells like that. Sort of starchy. It isn't terrible, but if you don't like the smell of rice, then this will put you off. 

Final thoughts:

Overall, though this is a good cleanser, I am a little underwhelmed by it. I prefer facial washes with some exfoliating beads in them, so I will not repurchase this. 
But if you're a fan of the Lancome "Creme Radiance", this is definitely a cheaper alternative. Where Lancome sells theirs for $35+, I purchased this for $7.50. I feel like they are similar, but if it isn't as good as the Lancome one, then at least you only spent $8 on it!

I say, try this out! It's cheap, it also removed make up quite well! 

I purchased this at Fruits & Passion for $7.50 CAD

Have you tried this product before? What is your favourite cleanser?


  1. I love the products I tried from Beyond so far (mainly sheet masks). I didn't know that they have another name in North America.

    1. I think it's available at Fruits & Passion, but they just sell a few Beyond skincare items. Oh, I did see the sheet masks when I was in the store. But I didn't buy any. I do want to try their lipsticks though.