Sunday, April 20, 2014

Skin79 - Wrinkletox Collagen Serum Review

Hello, hello! 

I am back with another serum review! This is the 2nd bottle from the set of three. 

From the New Turn Therapy Special Set from Skin79.

If you haven't read my first review of the 'Repair Amino-Acid Serum', check it out here

The serum I will be reviewing today is the wrinkletox collagen serum. 

Wrinkletox (middle)

Taken from the Skin79 website:
"(Wrinkle Improvement - Korea Food & Drug Administration Approved) Serum that gives rebirth to the skin to be healthy and young with wrinkle improvement functional serum, it changes wrinkled tired skin to tight and young skin"
They do not mention collagen too much, but I know it is something that Japanese skincare products love to add in. Even to eat. It supposedly helps promote youthful skin. Personally, I cannot stand the texture, so I am find with having it in my serum instead. I won't go into the packaging as it is the same and I commented on it in my previous review.


It is thinner than the Amino-Acid Serum. And like the previous serum, it isn't sticky. This feels quite nice on my skin actually. 
Interestingly enough, even though this was thinner in consistency, I used this up just as quickly if not quicker than the Amino-Acid serum. I found myself applying more on my skin than I probably should have. 
I also found that this serum wasn't drying. It's thinner than the Amino-acid, but it still hydrating enough that my skin didn't feel dry after the application. 

I find it a little difficult to review anti-aging products, because... well I don't have any wrinkles. So on the bright side, yay, no wrinkles! On the other hand is this product even necessary for me? Granted, I know, early prevention is key. But that is what makes it difficult to review. I have no wrinkles to test this serum on. 


The scent is the same as the previous serum. It's not strong at all, so you don't notice it after a few weeks of use.

Final thoughts

I've already finished using this serum, and it was pretty good. It wasn't sticky after I applied it, the scent isn't strong either.
I would not go out of my way to purchase anti-wrinkle serums, especially on their own, but if they're included in a set or like The Body Shop's Drops of Youth, would be the only times I would purchase an anti-wrinkle serum.
Unfortunately, if you are interested in purchasing just one of the serums out of the set of 3, you are out of luck. It is only sold together, but from the website, the set is available for $41. I purchased this for $20 something on ebay.

What do you look for in a serum?

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