Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Body Shop - Drops of Youth Review

I have been pretty busy these past couple of weeks. I have a list of products I have been meaning to write reviews for. Or even some of my hauls. School will be starting in a few days for me again, and I will try my best to post as often.

Anyway, I have been meaning to review this product, and you may know from the post below, I purchased a few body shop products a couple weeks back. 
Since I've been using drops of youth serum for a while now, I can finally write a proper review for it. 

The bottle is quite simple. It comes with a tear dropper on the top, but I have to say, for regular price, $36, it could definitely be better. I don't even use it to apply only my fingers or my face. I just use the actual stick to dab onto my face.

The reason why I purchased this particular serum, was because I found one very similar to this from L'occitane. I love that brand, but their serums were $60 a pop! As much as I wanted the L'occitane whitening serum, I just could not justify the purchase, since I had never tried serums before. 

Since The Body Shop has great sales, I purchased this when they were having a 50% off skincare sale. 

Onto the actual product. It's quite nice. The scent isn't too bad either. It is a clear liquid, and you only need a couple drops for your face. What I like about this product is that when I apply it onto my face, the little bit of serum spreads quite nicely, and I can feel it being absorbed. It doesn't feel sticky or heavy on my face at all. Though if I don't put enough on, my face does feel a little dry. 

It isn't moisturizing enough to just apply serum with a moisturizer, but I do go around the house without my moisturizer if I don't plan on going anywhere for the day. 

Overall, I think this is quite good. I haven't stared at my face enough to notice if my 'fine lines' have disappeared, but I have noticed my skin is really smooth. But that could also be because of the moisturizers I have been using. 

This year, since I've become more focused on skincare, I feel like my skin is the best it has been for many years. 

If I don't plan on purchasing the L'occitane whitening serum anytime soon, I will definitely repurchase drops of youth. 
I recommend waiting until The Body Shop has their 50% off sales, because then you can purchase this for $18 rather than $36. 
Also, if you become a member of TBS, the membership entitles you to 10% off every purchase you make. 

Have you tried this serum before? Do you have a favourite one you use?

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