Friday, August 2, 2013

Yves Rocher Nail Lacquer

When I went back to Toronto a couple weeks ago, I stopped by Yves Rocher for the first time. I've walked by their store a number of times, but I never ended up looking their products. They seem to have some really good sales, and since I was on the lookout for some nice wearable polishes, I decided to stop by. 

 I picked up two polishes from their Venis Brilliance line. R206 (left) and R201 (right). 

Above is a swatch of R206. It's a nice summery colour, a peachy tone. I applied two coats, and as you can tell, the polish is quite sheer. But since I don't wear much polish that stand out, so I quite like it. 
I have yet to try R201, because I have been obsessed with this peachy polish. 

I purchased this on sale for $4.50

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