Saturday, August 10, 2013

L'occitane Bonne Mere Honey Soap review

Back in June, I made a huge L'Occitane purchase. I have only just begun to use the products, as I have other things to use up first. 
I have been using this Honey soap for the past few days, and I think I have used it enough to reap the benefits, and review the product. 

On the L'occitane website, the honey soap is said to be, "enriched with honey from Provence, gently cleanses the skin without drying". 

From the past couple days of using the product, I have found that the soap is quite gentle on the body. It is also light scented, but when I use it in the shower, it does not smell like honey to me. It actually smells more like Jasmine. I have not used the soap on my face, but I have read reviews of people saying they have and it is gentle enough for it. 
My body is a lot softer from using the bonne mere soap. I take really hot showers, almost scalding ones, and I usually have to lather on the body lotion, because my skin dries up so much. But as of late, I can put on very little lotion and my skin is still soft and hydrated. I have to say, I love the feeling bars of soap make my skin feel. Almost squeaky clean. 

Price wise, $6 is rather expensive for a single bar of soap; not to mention a little smaller than other brands (100g) and as much as I like this, I do not know if I will go out of my way to purchase it again. I might be able to get the same softness for my skin from say Dove soap. I do enjoy this product, and the reason I purchased the soap was so I could reach $60 to be eligible for free shipping. So maybe if I decide to order online once again, and I need to reach $60 once more, I may grab this soap. But once I run out, I doubt I will be running to L'occitane to stock up. 

Price: $6 CAD from the L'occitane website

Have you tried L'occitane's soaps before? Thoughts? 

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