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Skin18 Mask Reviews: Part 2: L'Affair Aqua Black 3 Step Mask & Luke Hydrogel Eye Patches

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I got pretty busy this past weekend, so I didn't have a chance to post yesterday.

Here is part 2 of my Skin18 bloggers pack! I'll get right into it.

The two masks in this post are:
L'Affair Aqua Black 3 Step Skin Renewal Black Mask
Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch for Wrinkles

L'Affair Aqua Black 3 Step Skin Renewal Black Mask

Taken from Skin18:
Main features: Moisturizing, whitening, shrink pores, pulling compact, skin moisturizing[...] comes with facial foaming cleanser with makeup remover and a high functional ampoule before the mask process. It is a total solution for a home facial
I wasn't a huge fan of the foaming cleanser. While it did leave my skin feeling clean, it left that squeaky clean feeling I really dislike. I've said it in a previous post, but the squeaky clean feeling means the cleanser is stripping the skin of the essential oils, causing the skin to dry out more.

I don't use ampoules much, so I'm not used to the gel like consistency. The few ampoules I've used were pretty thin, so I was not expecting the consistency to be so thick.

My skin absorbed the ampoule right up. It could have been a mixture of my skin feeling dried out from the cleanser and just in general it wasn't in the greatest condition.

Both had no major scent and contained just enough for one use.

The material of the black mask was the same thickness as the Mediheal ones, so nothing too special about it.

The fit was really nice. Mouth hole size was alright, but the eyes were too small. I kept re-adjusting because it kept touching my tear ducks.

Even though it had blackberry fruit extract in the ingredients, I found the mask smelled faintly of canned pears.

Once the mask was removed, there was a lot of left over essence on the skin waiting to be absorbed. My skin felt and looked very plump.

As it was drying, there was a slight tackiness but it wasn't unbearable. Luckily the tacky feeling didn't stick and disappeared once it dried.

Aside from my skin looking plump, there were no other immediate results.

I enjoyed this mask. The next day my skin looked brighter and felt softer, but my pores basically looked the same.

I'm indifferent about the ampoule. Even though my skin absorbed it really well, I don't feel like it did that much and the essence in the mask was what helped my skin the most.

I would used this again, but mainly just for the mask. I could have done without the cleanser. The 3 step mask is definitely a good option if you're travelling.

Skin18 currently has this mask on sale for $2.50 USD each.

Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch for Wrinkles

The Luke Hydrogel Eye Patches has 4 types that treat different eye problems. The red one I received focuses on wrinkles. It actually advertises a lot:

Taken from Skin18:
Help reduce obvious lines and wrinkles, refreshing & moisturizing, visible anti-wrinkle effect & elasticity, excellent revitalization & resilience. The extracts of kelp and chamomile have anti-aging function. Contains Q-10, helps increase the elasticity of skin 

First thing I noticed was how different it was from any other eye patch I had ever tried. While the eye patch material was gel, one side as you can see from the above, had a thin layer of cotton over it.

When I first opened the packaging, I was pretty confused and did not have high expectations for this.

The patches were very sticky and adhered under the eyes very well. The good thing about the patches sticking on tightly was that I could move around and not worry about them moving anywhere.

Before the application, the instructions recommended to apply a layer of our usual eye cream or essence and leave it on for about 20 minutes.

The adhesive wasn't too strong but it did tug on my skin a bit when I was removing them. I wasn't too keen with that. But I have to say, I was surprised because my under eyes did feel slightly moisturized.
Though this was probably because of the eye cream I used and the hydrogel locking in more moisture. I have read a few reviews where people felt this didn't do anything for them at all.

Considering my expectations for these patches were low, I didn't end up hating them. Granted, I won't go out of my way to buy these, it was still worth trying.

Since I only used one patch, it's difficult to comment on how it helps with wrinkles or maintaining skin elasticity.

I would consider trying these consistently for a month or so to see if there are any long term results.
But as I said above, I would not go out of my way to purchase at full price.

Currently on sale at Skin18 for $1.40 USD each

L'Affair Aqua Black 3 Step Skin Renewal Black Mask

The Good
- Nice fit
- Slight fruity scent
- 3 steps convenient for travelling
- No immedate results
- Lots of essence
- Skin felt soft and looked brighter

- Ampoule is nothing special

The Bad
- Eye holes too small
- Cleanser left squeaky clean feeling
- Pores looked the same

Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch for Wrinkles
The Good
- No scent
- Adheres to the skin well 
- Under eyes moisturized

The Bad
- Tugs on the skin when removing
- No immediate results for wrinkles or skin elasticity

If you're interested in any of the masks I reviewed they're all available on Skin18. Their masks are pretty decently priced and they offer a lot of great discounts.

There you have it! Which masks have you tried? Are there any ones I reviewed that have been on your to try list?

Thank you to Skin18 for sending me these masks for review! For part 1 of my reviews, click here

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from in return for my honest opinion. My opinion is my own and no way influenced.

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