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Skin18 Mask Reviews - Part 1: Mirum Green Tea & SOC Sny-Ake 3D Masks


I can't believe it's already August! There are still so many things I haven't done yet!! Why can't it be nice and warm all year? With a slight breeze though because I don't think I could stand 30+ degree weather all year round. I get really grumpy when it's too hot out!

I'm back again. I received a bloggers pack from Skin18 for review purposes. I was sent 3 masks and an eye patch to test out.

I found out about Skin18 through instagram (basically how I've been finding out about anything new and skincare related)

I love how Skin18 focuses on skincare instead of makeup, since that's exactly how I feel.

Taken from their website:
Our mission here is to bring you products that will make you look forever 18[...] our guarantee is the ensure all products placed in our website is good for your skin
I love makeup as much as the next person, but I would rather invest the time in good skincare. Makeup is temporary, but my skin is forever. Besides, who doesn't want to forever look 18?!

All of the brands I had never tried or even heard of before, so I was super excited since I didn't know what to expect.

I've decided to break down this reviews pack into 2 parts, mainly because my reviews are rather lengthy. I didn't want you guys to get too overwhelmed. As usual, I have a summary at the end if you want the cliff notes of my thoughts.

Part 1 reviews are the Mirum Fresh Fruit Great Tea Mask and the  SOC Syn-Ake Firming and Soothing 3D Mask.

Mirum Fresh Fruit Green Tea Real Natural Mask Pack

Taken from Skin18 website:
Mirum fresh fruit series provides your skin with marvelous hydration and nutrition. The dense and compact cotton mask sheet can be attached perfect to your skin, make the essence in this mask absorbed completely
Indeed the mask is extremely thick. Thicker than the mediheal masks for those of you who are familiar with them.

While all the Mirum masks are supposed to provide hydration, the Green Tea one in particular is supposed to boost metabolism of the skin and relieve skin of any "external stimulus".

Now when I first took the mask out of the packaging I realized the essence was also thick and gel like, similar to the Vita Genic Jelly Masks by Banobagi. If you follow me on instagram and read my review, you know I didn't have good thoughts on it. The gel like ampoule was way too thick and it left my face feeling extremely sticky. So naturally, I was worried this mask would end up the same. I'm happy to report it wasn't like it at all!

There was a slight hint of green tea. Nice that the scent wasn't too overwhelming so it dissipated almost immediately. The fit of the mask was good too. The eye and mouth holes were decently sized and it wasn't uncomfortable at all.

Also, there was hardly any essence left over in the packet. When I applied it on my face, certain parts of the mask were already beginning to dry up.

I was able to leave the mask on for a good 40 minutes. My nose and chin parts of the mask were the first to dry up.

Removal/Next day
When I removed the mask, there wasn't a lot of essence left over to massage into my skin. One of the bad things about the mask having just enough essence was that certain parts of my face felt less hydrated than others.

My face did look plump and well hydrated. I was pretty surprised since the little amount of essence was on the mask, I thought it wasn't going to do that great of a job.

The next day, my skin looked brighter, well hydrated and it was really soft as well.

Overall thoughts
I have to say, I quite liked this mask-especially since I was going in with low expectations. While from one use I don't think it relieved my skin of irritants, it did hydrate my skin really well. May be with prolonged use, it would help boost my skin metabolism.

Skin18 currently has it available to order as a freebie. You can use up to 8 freebie masks and you just have to pay for shipping.

SOC 3D Beauty Serum Mask - Firming & Smoothing

Taken from Skin18:
Relieves skin and provides nutrition and moisture. Snyake significantly decreases expression lines: frown lines, laughter lines
This was the second 3D mask I have ever tried. When I removed the mask out of the packaging, it was folding up quite small, which I found a little difficult to unwrap. There was no irritating scent and also a thick cotton material.

3D masks apparently are supposed to offer a better fit for the face, but I found the fit was not great. A lot of wasted space especially on the nose and my chin, with the cotton material just sticking out. This could be because the mask itself was larger, so there was a lot of excess cotton that extended down my chin and towards the back of my ear. I found this to be extremely itchy and uncomfortable.

Also to note, the eye and mouth holes were really small. I could not talk the entire time I had the mask on. I was constantly readjusting since the eye mask kept sliding over my eyes.

Once removed, my face felt really nice. Lots of left over essence waiting to be absorbed by my skin. I was able to leave the mask on my face at least 40 minutes, which is the normal time I usually leave them on fore.

While drying it did leave my face feeling slightly tacky. Luckily it didn't last too long. That being said, my face also wasn't red after so it did sooth my skin as well.

I can't say how it did for treating my fine lines, as I don't have any right now. But I like using anti--wrinkle products early.

Overall thoughts
I liked how my face felt when I removed the mask. It was soothing and moisturizing. But I disliked the mask too much. The area under my chin was itchy the entire time. Personally I don't find 3D masks help improve or are a better fit for the face.

The essence was nice, but the mask was bad. That in itself is enough for me to not want to use 3D masks again.

The mask is currently on sale on Skin18 for $1.25 USD.

Mirum Green Tea Mask

The Good
- Hydrating
- Left face feeling plump
- Scent not too strong
- Skin looked brighter and softer
- Did not dry tacky

The Bad
- Not a lot of essence
- Did leave some parts of the face dry

SOC - Syn-Ake 3D Mask

The Good
- Soothing
- Did not dry tacky

The Bad
- Mask not a good fit
- Eye and mouth hole too small
- Excess mask material under the chin was very itchy
- Personal preference do not like 3D masks

Have you tried these two masks before? What are your thoughts on 3D masks?

Stay tuned for Part 2, where I will review the L'Affair Aqua Black 3 Step Renewal Mask and the Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch!

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from in return for my honest opinion. My opinion is my own and no way influenced.


  1. Great review! I'd like to try the green tea one!! :))

    1. Thanks! Yes, I would recommend the Green Tea one to try for sure!