Sunday, December 14, 2014

Simple Holiday Nails

Well hey there everyone! I'm back! I had a crazy semester. Probably the busiest one I've ever had! But I finished my last final of the year on Tuesday, so I'm back to my regular scheduled blog postings.

When I finished my finals, the first thing I did was paint my nails. I worked my butt off all semester, time to paint my nails and relax! But also, once January rolls around, I'll once again be too busy to paint them. Have to enjoy them while I can!

I'm not an expert nail artist by any means. I'm still in the process of trying to stead my left hand when I paint my right hand. But baby steps right?

As you can see, it's very very simple. And honestly, you don't even need to wear it just for Christmas.

I was going to just paint my nails all silver, but I received the nail jewels for free many years ago. I figured now would be a great time to use them. If I had green polish, I would have tried to make it more festive.

The products I used:
- ORLY Nailtrition as a base coat (one coat)
- Nutra Nail Triple Power Gel Strengthener (one coat)
- Revlon 929 Diamond Texture (2 coats)
- Maybelline Color Show Alluring Rose 15 ring finger (2 coats)
- 2 white nail jewels by Nailissima
- Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat (1 coat)

I tried taking so many photos, but my camera just did not do it justice. The Revlon polish is so incredibly sparkly. There have been a few times I have become mesmerized by the sparkles. 

Have you gotten into the holiday mood with festive nails? What's your favourite polish to use during the winter?

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