Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sephora (Chloe Perfume) and The Face Shop Haul

Why, hello there. Sorry I've been MIA for the past couple of weeks. School started again, and it's looking to be my busiest and most difficult.

Even when I'm busy, it hasn't stopped me from buying a few things here and there. I hardly shop at Sephora, but they had this limited edition Chloe perfume set I just couldn't pass up.

The roller ball set is only available online through Sephora, and currently it is on sale for $36.

Can we just take a moment and look at how nice they are? I was actually surprised at how big the roller balls are. These will definitely last me a while.

Considering not all the roller balls are available at Sephora and they are usually $30 for just one, buying the box of 3 for $36 is such an amazing deal!

I have already tested them out, and Love is by far my favourite of the 3 (far right). The regular Chloe would be second and L'eau De Chloe is my least favourite. I mean, the perfumes are all powdery in scent, but this one in particular is too excessive. Whenever I wore it, I couldn't enjoy. I'll try it on a few more times and see if I warm up to it.

Lastly, my TheFaceShop haul!

I have been pretty good lately with not buying a lot of skincare. With the Memeboxes purchased in the summer, I have SO MANY facial moisturizers that I need to focus on using up the products I have first before I go ahead and purchase more.
Anyway, I did manage to pick up a few things I've had my eye on. (left to right):

Spot Clear Intensive Patch 
- I wasn't planning on purchasing this, but the sales associate did a pretty good job in selling it to me. For $1.50, we get 12 clear patches you put on acne before bed (I mean, you can wear this around in public if you'd like. As long as you're OK with having a dot on your face) They do come in different sizes. Generally the size of a dime. I tried this, and I guess it did a pretty good job. The zit didn't end up growing and no white head formed.
When I first opened the package, I was extremely confused. Literally just a clear patch. The side you stick on your face has no product at all.

Eye-brow Trimmer
Lip brush
Mango Scented Hand Cream
The scent is amazing! And the packaging is adorable. I have way too much hand cream, but I just couldn't resist.

What have you purchased lately?

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