Sunday, September 7, 2014

CrySense Hair Organic Essence by Palan Cosmetic review

Hello everyone!

I have a review from the Memebox Global # 12! About time I start pumping out reviews from them though huh? I haven't had a chance to really use a lot of the products from my first box, the Luckybox #5. Most of the products from that box are facial, and I'm still in the midst of using up my current moisturizers.

This Memebox is perfect for me, because starting this summer, I have started putting more time and effort towards my hair. I've always used conditioner after shampoo, but recently I've purchased some hair masks and sprays to prevent damage when I use my hair straightener.

When I saw this Hair Organic Essence in the box, I was so excited to use it!

I've been using it consistently for the past month, and I feel I've adequately used it enough to write a review.

So firstly, some information about the company, Crysense, it seems to be relatively unknown. The information I have is from the Memebox card that came with the beauty box.

The hair essence contains hyaluronic acid, nano aqua collagen, keratin natural herbal ingredient.

I like the simple packaging. The only complaint is, it's rather slippery with all the condensation from the shower. It slips around, and the product dries up and gets caked onto the opening of the pump. Which isn't the worst thing, since most pumps get clogged with additional product.

Perfect reflection shot of my hands and camera!

They say to use 4-5 pumps for short hair and more for longer hair. I only use 2 pumps since I have chin length short hair. It's more than enough for me. The consistency feels and looks exactly like normal hair conditioner. I like that the essence isn't sticky or greasy on my hands.
Importantly, it doesn't make my hair feel greasy or oily either. Granted if I applied more, then my hair would become more greasy.

As of late, I haven't been using the product every night. I use conditioner after my shampoo, so my hair has been feeling pretty soft after. I've noticed that when I use conditioner, and then the hair essence, my hair is a little more greasy looking than usual. Which is why if I do end up apply the product, I only use one to two pumps worth.
Once I blow dry my hair, it definitely does feel softer. The scent isn't anything to write home about. It's so minor that it basically smells like nothing.

Overall, I really like this hair essence. This is my first leave in hair product I've used, and so far, no complaints.
I will try other brands because Crysense by Palan Cosmetic seems rather difficult to find. I've tried amazon and ebay, but to no avail. At $70, the product is good, but for that price, it's not one that I will jump to buy once it runs out.

If the memebox is still available, it is definitely worth buying. The boxes range from $23-27 and I received a full sized product priced at $70.
It is definitely worth checking out, only if you're willing to spend that much. Honestly though, I feel I could easily find a substitute for a lot less.

Do you use a hair essence product? What is your favourite? Any hair product suggestions to a noobie like me?

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