Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer Empties! Hair, body and skincare products

I can't believe it's the end of August already! This summer just flew by.

I'm not good with writing empties posts, simply because I never save up the bottles of the products I use up. I also throw out my empties almost immediately, so I never remember to keep them either.

But anyway, I managed to accumulate a few empties through the summer. Unfortunately, I threw out a few things already, but I still managed to keep most of them. This includes empties for June and July also! I definitely brought way too many products with me this summer, as I didn't even touch a lot of my back ups.

I'll start with the hair products:

Shampoo & Conditioner

1. Aveeno dandruff control
In the winter, my hair is notorious for having dandruff. It's likely cause I shower everyday, and the water is really hot.
The brand is always good, and I got the ok to use this from my friend/hairdresser because the ingredients aren't as harmful as other brands are.
I also think this particular conditioner is what's causing the irritation to my ears. My ears are pierced, and for the longest time, my ears would scab over. It wasn't till after I stopped using this conditioner, my ears went back to normal. So unfortunately for me, I will not longer be buying this product.
This is a good product, it does help prevent dandruff, but if you wanted a shampoo that gives your hair shine, then this isn't it. I also find for a conditioner, it doesn't leave my hair as soft as other ones I have used. It's not the worst thing, since I have a hair serum I put on after my shower.

2. Pantene ProV NaturFusion
After watching those Pantene ProV commercials, who doesn't want to try their hair products? I bought these in bulk cause they were on sale, before my hairdresser/friend told me Pantene is terrible for your hair. I mean, it still works great, my hair is soft after use etc, but the ingredients in Pantene hair products are really bad. I'll use up the rest of the backups I have, but I likely won't buy more after this.

3. Kiehls - Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Conditioner
I went to Toronto a few months back, Kiehls at The Bay was giving out deluxe samples at their little kiosk. I was given two kinds of conditioner this being one of them I received two bottles of this product to try. This one is pretty good, but if I were to choose between Amino Acid or Olive Fruit conditioner, then I would choose the amino acid one. That one just left my hair a lot softer than the olive oil one did. It's also really expensive. And honestly, it's a nice conditioner, but I can find cheaper conditioners that do just a good of job, if not better.

4. Kiehls - Amino Acid Conditioner
The Amino Acid conditioner is my favourite of the few I have tried. It contains Pure Coconut and Jojoba Oils. My hair feels so smooth after use. Granted, not as well as my Nuancy Airy hair mask, but this is a pretty good substitute. I've taken a look online and this conditioner is a little on the expensive side. 500ml is $42 and a 75ml bottle is $12.50. If you have a chance to stop by a Kiehls story, ask for a sample of this conditioner!

Face, Body & Miscellaneous 

1. Candles
I purchased the large one at random from Winners and Pineapple Mango from Bath and Body Works. Everyone needs to try Pineapple Mango!! It is so darn good! I was tempted to purchase the 3 wick, but I was running out of space in my suitcase. I would definitely repurchase that scent.
The larger 3 wick scent was just a mish mash of floral scents. It was $10, and lasted me a while. Nothing really worth writing home about, but if I saw it again at Winners, I would purchase it again.

2. The Body Shop Papaya Body Butter
As you all know, I love the body butter from The Body Shop. Every time they have their body butters for $10 each, I stock up. I'm already on my 3rd tub since the summer started. If you haven't read my review on them yet, check them out below!
Passion Fruit

1. The Face Shop Cotton pads
For my Etude House Toner pump, I found using pads helped with the application and used a lot less product. Cotton balls I usually need 3 pumps and with a cotton pad, just 1 pump is enough. I purchased the box for $3. I've found other brands usually charge at least $5 or more for 80-100. For the price they're pretty good and they feel quite soft.

2. The Body Shop: Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator
This is my second bottle I've used up. I love using this in the shower. I notice that my pores are smaller after use. And because my pores are smaller, naturally my face is less oily during the summer. It's gentle enough that I can use it every night. I should probably start cutting down the use of this though, since in the morning, I have been using a pore exfoliating brush.
I will likely repurchase this again. Though I have noticed that in the shower, the smell of alcohol becomes really overwhelming whenever I use this scrub, which I never noticed with the first bottle. Makes me wonder if they changed the ingredients since I last used it.
Looking at the ingredients list, I do see that it has benzyl alcohol. It is at the bottom of the list, meaning that the product does not contain that much, but enough for me to still be able to smell the alcohol when I use it. The smell isn't my favourite, but if I cannot find another product as good, I will repurchase.

3. Skin79 - White Vita C Serum
I've written a review for 2 of the 3 face serums. For the price I paid, I thought it was worth getting the pack. They helped hydrate my skin a lot, but the brightening affect the product boasted I did not see much of. I currently have a number of other serums waiting to be used, so I likely won't be repurchasing the box set for the next little while.
Check out my reviews for the other two serums from the New Therapy set!
Repair Amino-Acid Serum
Wrinkletox Collagen Serum

Phew, that was a lot longer than I anticipated!

Have you tried any of the products mentioned above? What products have you used up this summer/month?

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