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Mint Julips Lip Scrub Review from Lush Cosmetics

Aaand I'm back! I'm typing this post whilst at work! Shhh... I have some down time right now, so at least I'm staying busy!

Sticking to the lip review theme from before, I finally bought the famous Lush lip scrub!
For those of you not familiar with Lush, they're a company that makes products completely by hand, and using/buying ingredients that "do not conduct or commission tests on animals and testing products on humans".
They also only use vegetarian products and some of them, including the lip scrub is gluten free!

Previously, I had only ever tried their bath products. Bath bombs are good, but I especially love The Comforter bubble bar. SO MANY BUBBLES!! I'll have to purchase it again sometime-and you should try it too!

I know what some of you may be thinking, 'sugar scrub? Could have just made one at home!' Yes, that is true. I definitely could have. Considering how I've only used this a handful of times, I should have made one myself. But I can't make my lip scrub smell as good!
At the time when I was in the store, I was planning on buying bubble gum. A friend of mine recommended that one to me.  But in the end, mint chocolate smelt the most appealing.

So let's see if it was worth the purchase!

Taken from the Lush website:

"Packed full of fresh peppermint and sweet castor sugar [...] Take a pea-sized amount and scrub your lips soft, then lick off the excess!"

I like that lush keeps their packaging to the minimal. It's simple and they focus more on the importance and effectiveness of the product. I always say I'm a sucker for packaging and more often than not, I have bought a product based on the packaging itself *cough* cat lipstick *cough* packaging is definitely the cherry on top. If the product works, who cares what the packaging looks like.
It's a simple glass jar that can be reused once the product is done. The labels are simple and I'm sure with some time, they're easy to remove also.
It's nice that they have the name of the person who made the product for you. Thanks Nicole!

I actually really like the scrub. Surprisingly, it does a better job in removing excess skin from my lips than a wash cloth. A little bit of this product goes a long way. You don't even need a pea sized amount. I just make sure the tip of my finger has a good amount of sugar on it, and I scrub away. That is more than enough to get rid of any dry skin on the lips. Not to mention, the lips feel a little tingly after use. I feel like it even acts as a lip plumper, because they do look more plump and red.
When I was at the cash register, the sales associate emphasized that I should lick the sugar off because it tastes incredible. I have to say, it does taste pretty good. But I won't be sitting in bed dipping my finger into this and eating it anytime soon.

So how effective is the product?
Some time back, I wrote a negative review about the Shiseido Perfect Rouge lipstick. No matter what I did, how much lip balm I put on or scrubbing of my lips with a cloth, I could never have a smooth application with the lipstick. The product stuck into the creases of my lips and it looked terrible. I don't wear the lipstick anymore, and if I do, I can only dab a light amount onto my lips.
Anyway, after I purchased this scrub, I tried the lipstick on once more. So smooth! So creamy! The application is so much better after using the scrub!
Though I did try out the lipstick the next day and it did not go on as smoothly as my post scrubbed lips.
So I will definitely have to use the scrub before I decide to wear that particular lipstick again.
How a lip scrub gets more dead skin off than a facial towel, I have no idea. But the important thing is, it works!

Final Thoughts
Overall, I do like this scrub. My lips feel really soft after use.
The scent is great, very minty. I wouldn't say it smells too much like mint chocolate chip, but indeed, very minty.
Now, when I purchased this whilst shopping with my friends, it did go over their heads as to why I was buying it- when I could have made it myself. For the price, the lip scrub is essentially made entirely from sugar and for the price, not really worth it.
Ultimately, I'll forever go back and forth as whether it was good to buy or not. Personally, I think it was a good purchase. To say I'll purchase it again... we'll have to see once I actually use up the product. I'll probably try experimenting and make my own scrub and see if it has the same effect.

If you're looking for a great travel friendly lip scrub that's no fuss, this is great. You don't need to rub anything off, cause you'll just end up licking it off!

I purchased this at a Lush store for $9.99 CAD + taxes

Have you tried Lush lip scrubs? Which scent is your favourite?

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