Sunday, December 21, 2014

Etude House: Goodbye Pore Ever: Pore Primer Essence Review

I've actually had this particular product for a while now. I just never got to reviewing it till now unfortunately. 
I really like Etude House. I only have one lipstick of theirs, so majority of the products I've tried are skincare items. 

So when I began caring for my skin around last year, one of the biggest things I didn't like about my face was my pores. Granted, they're not as big as others, but enough that I get a really oily face. 
A friend of my recommended I check out their pore cleansing line to help combat my pores. 

As you know, I have tried their pore toner and I love it! But you can check out the other products they have here.

I don't wear makeup that often, but I still wear this to help refine my pores.

As with most of Etude House products, the packaging is simple and adorable. It's not part of their 'princess' line, so it's not quit as pink and cute. It has a pointed tip which I like because it makes cleaning up easier. Though when you first get it, the product leaks out quite a lot. It stops after you've used it a while. But be prepared to use more of the primer for the first week at least because of the excessive leakage.

There is no major scent to it, and what's good about it is that it's not the typical silicone primer that most are. It's very light, so when you put it on, it doesn't feel thick.
When it dries, it almost feels powdery, leaving your face feeling soft and looking matte. The product felt oily when I first put it on and I was worried it would stay that way. But as I mentioned, it dries quite matte and feels like you put powder on your face instead.

You can see in the first photo, my hand looked a little shiny and once I put on the primer, the lines are less noticeable and less shiny. 

Now, I have REALLY oily skin very typical on my nose and forehead. This left my face pretty matte for a couple hours, before the shine was back. In those few hours, my pores would become a little more noticeable also. 
I've tried this with the IOPE BB Cushion (review on that coming) and it does help the makeup last longer, but because the BB cushion gives off a 'glow' I end up becoming oily more quickly. Now the primer does help combat it for a little while, but eventually the shine does come back. I recommend carrying oil wipes for touch ups throughout the day.

Final thoughts
If you don't like the typical thick silicone based primers, this would be a good alternative for you. It's priced pretty fairly for the amount you get. You could pay $20+ for smashbox or benefits pore eraser, or you could pay $9.50 for this one. I like how soft it makes my face feel once it dries. The scent is a very slight powdery scent. 
Overall, I do like this and I would recommend trying it out. 

I bought mine on ebay for about $8 CAD with shipping included. But it is now available on the Etude House Global site for $9.50 USD.

Have you tried this primer before? What's your favourite one to use?


  1. This looks really great. The shininess of of skin seems to be reduced nicely and the price is good too.

    1. Thank you! The shine is gone for a couple hours. But I have a very oily T-zone, so don't think I can find a product that will keep the shine away for the entire day. Still, for the price, it is a really good product.
      Thank you for commenting! Hope you had/having a great holiday!