Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sasa, The Face Shop and Bath and Body Works Candle Haul

Hello everyone! 

I just moved into my summer workplace, and I didn't have internet for a week, so I couldn't post last Sunday. I also didn't have water for a couple days... really makes you appreciate the little things. 
But anyway, I am back with internet! 

When I was packing for my move, I tried to stock up on as much as I could. My second suitcase is filled with my backups. 4 boxes of The Face Shop cotton pads, night creams, day creams, serums, so much! I'm surprised I managed to fit as much as I did. 

The few things I bought/ordered:

Left to right
  • Laneige Water Sleeping Pack - My friend gave me a sample of this and I LOVED IT!!! I wasn't even finished the sample when I ordered the full 80ml size. I purchased this from for $23CAD
  • The Face Shop: Herb Water Powder Mist - I get really hot and irritated easily during the summer, and since I'm almost finished the Avene facial spray, I figured I'd try something different. I purchased this for $15CAD+taxes
  • Softymo Speedy Cleansing Foam - The current foam cleanser I'm using is from L'Occitane: Immortelle Cleansing Foam. $30 for 150ml and $42 for a 300ml bag refil. Before I repurchased, I wanted to try some other foam cleansers to see how they compare. I purchased this from for about $6-8 for 200ml. I prefer these over oil cleansers, because they leave my face feeling incredibly soft. When it comes to removing makeup, foam cleansers aren't what I reach for. 

Lastly, I stopped by Bath and Body Works. I never really cared for candles when I was younger, but last year, I was constantly buying them for the room I stayed at. I have to admit, it leaves the room smelling quite nice. 

From left to right:
  • Peach Bellini Mason Jar Candle
  • Sundrenched Vineyard Room Spray - doesn't smell so much as a Vineyard, but more of a mix of grapes and berries. I love this! Right when you spray, the smell is lovely. Once it settles, the scent that lingers isn't as appealing, smells very chemical like. It lasts for another few seconds before that scent disappears also. The scent lasts about 10 minutes, but I don't mind respraying every once in a while. $6CAD + taxes
  • Pinaple Mango Mason Jar Candle
I didn't bother purchasing the 3 wick candles because packing them would have been bulky and annoying. The mason jar candles were 2 for $16 + taxes. 

Side note and I will likely mention it again when I review the purchases I made from
- I do not recommend purchasing from their website. When I placed my order with standard shipping, it took well past one month for me to get my items. I researched online, and found that when it came to shipping overseas, Sasa is notoriously bad. It must be a way they fill out the forms, because the packages end up being stuck in customs for the LONGEST time. I have managed to make purchases from Korea or China and receive them in just a couple weeks. Sasa ships from Singapore and it takes forever. If you do end up purchasing from them, it seems the best way to ge the package on time is to upgrade to express shipping. 
Granted, I received my package eventually, but I would rather pay a little more for my products to ensure they come on time. 
This is my first and last time I will ever order from Sasa.

What recent hauls have you made? 


  1. I'm curious about your review on the Sofimoy Speedy Cleansing Foam. I was thinking about buying it , too, sometime :D

    1. I'll try and write a review for this ASAP! I'm still in the midst of using up my other foam cleanser.
      But I had been eyeing this product for ages, before I finally just bought it. I'm excited to use it too!