Sunday, May 4, 2014

Etude House: Wonder Pore Freshener Toner Review

Ok everyone, I'm making a big statement here. I have found my holy grail of toners. 

Wonder Pore! I purchased the 500ml bottle, and I do not regret it!

Etude House is one of the more popular brands in Korea. They have some of the most popular girl groups endorsing them. Not really relevant, but basically, the company is big enough to employ the more influential groups in Korea to sell their products. Etude House an anti-wrinkle line, but they mainly market towards the younger women ages 18-25.

I have purchased a lip tint from Etude House in the past, but it was actually a friend of mine who suggested I used this Wonder Pore line. The line focuses in minimizing pores and reducing excess sebum. Everything I am looking for and want gone from my face! Below, is a photo of everything in the Wonder Pore line.

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I don't really care to buy the entire line. I do want the Wonder Pore Corrector which is the small tube on the right. I wouldn't mind trying more, but since I have to order them online, I'm prioritizing which products I want first.


Very sturdy. Granted, if I ever drop the bottle on the floor, it would definitely crack, as the plastic isn't a soft plastic. If I hadn't already bought myself another backup of this (in the same size) I would definitely reuse the bottle.
I also love the pump. All the toners I've used in the past never came in pumps. I find this conserves the product a lot more, since I'm so clumsy, I have many times spilled my toner onto my bathroom counter. The pump is incredibly convenient. Even if I didn't end up liking the product, I would have saved the bottle for other toners.
The packaging is simple compared to their flashy, princessy makeup lines. Blue is also my favourite colour, so I really love this.


The one thing I hate most about toners, are those that have a lot of alcohol in them. The product stinks of alcohol and it burns the face. This one, though it has a bit, it’s light enough that it doesn't irritate my skin. I never am able to smell the alcohol when it's on the cotton pad. Only time I managed to get a whiff of it was when I uncapped it to pour some for a friend to try. Also to note, the friend whom I gave some to try has really really sensitive skin. When she tried this, she didn't break out at all! But alas, everyone is different, so do test it out before purchasing it. 

As advertised on the front, it is said to help clear the skin, decrease pore size and prevent excess sebum.
Prevent excess sebum it does! This is one of the reasons why I love this toner so much! My face used to be extremely oily. Even during the winter, my nose would be as shiny as a diamond glistening under the light.

I'll go through all 7 solutions this toner says it prevents:
  1. Deep cleanse pores - I always use the toner after I wash my face with cleanser, and I do see additional dirt being removed. Check!
  2. Maintain pH 4.5 +/- 1 - Basically, pH levels in the skin is affected by the secretion of sweat or sebum. As we get older, our faces are no longer at the natural pH level and depending on the level can also produce wrinkles. Now, I don't have any of the pH testing strips to see what my face was before. But considering I have less sebum on my face, it is safe to say the pH level on my face is at its more natural... level? Check?
  3. Control a large amount of sebum - Yes! Double yes! My face is less oily, which I love. Check!
  4. Minimize appearance of pores - I have other products that I use to minimize my pores. While this one does an OK job, I feel like my pores are smaller because of the other products I use. 
  5. Refine skin tones - I've always had hyper-pigmentation on my face. It has gotten better over the years, but since only started using this a few months ago, I wouldn't say this was the solution. 
  6. Keep the elasticity of pores - This was another I had to research. From a few studies I read, it seems there is a correlation between the amount of facial pores a person has when they have less skin elasticity. The secretion levels of sebum correlate with the amount of acne a person gets. I mean, I am still in my 20s, so my face elasticity will still be quite high, but it is nice that this product is helping to prevent my face from losing its elasticity. Check?
  7. Moisturize inside and outside of the skin - My face definitely feels less dry, but it isn't a product that I can use and not have to put on moisturizer right after. It's a good product, but it's not that good. 
Overall, it's difficult to tell if it does everything it states on the package. I'd have to go to a science lab to see how elastic my face is now compared to before and same with my pH level. 
Despite that, I still really like this product. 
I suggested this to a friend of mine about a month ago. I don't think she is as in love with it as I am. The main thing it does help prevent is the sebum level. She agrees with me on that. 

I have already purchased a backup (500ml) bottle, and I don't think I'll try looking for another toner for the next while. 
I really like this product and I definitely suggest you try it! 
I purchased this on ebay for about $23. 

What is your favourite toner? Have you tried this one before?


  1. I had a travelsize of this toner and I liked using it, too. It's really worth trying at least :)

    1. Oh definitely! It can also be used as a facial mist. Not everyone may love it as much as I, but as you said, it's worth trying for sure!