Sunday, January 14, 2018

2017 Makeup + Skincare Favourites!

How was 2017 for everyone? I can't believe the year has come to an end already. Time really flies! 2018 has been incredibly cold. Apparently it's been the coldest Canada has been in 100 years? Can I work from home please??

2017 was one of the best years I've had. The first half of 2017 wasn't too memorable, but the latter half was amazing!
I went and visited Japan for the very first time. I already want to go back!
I also got a job promotion at work. So all in all, 2017 was pretty good.

I have a lot more makeup related items this year as I started to wear more. Even though I still enjoy trying skincare items, I've started to shift my interest towards makeup. I still don't wear too much, but I've found some items I'm really enjoying. 

Similar to last year, I've split up my favourites between skincare and makeup related items. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Miracle 10 - Botanical Oil & Fruit Enzyme Scrub Reviews

Can you believe there's less than a month until Christmas? Where in the world did the year go??

It's been getting a lot colder out I've had to bust out my two humidifiers already. With colder weather comes dry skin.

Similar to last weeks post, I'll be reviewing another facial oil alongside a facial scrub by Miracle 10.

Miracle 10 (also Canadian!) is a cosmeceutical skincare line that was developed by The Plastic Surgery Skincare Clinic. They're located right in Toronto too!

Taken from their website:
Miracle 10 formulations were developed to stimulate and "exercise" the skin with a combination of the highest quality active ingredients available. [...] formulations are proprietary, fragrance-free, paraben-free, not tested on animals, and made in Canada. Proven to reduce and slow the signs of aging, minimize pore size, heal the look of acne, and greatly improve skin elasticity, texture, and tone.
While both products are good, one definitely stood out to me more.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

MAMO Botanics - Oro De Cacay Facial Oil Review

As much as I enjoy the Holiday season (mainly the atmosphere not so much for the stress of buying gifts) the cold weather almost makes my skin react badly. Every year my eczema flairs up which is always less than ideal.

Facial oils are always my go to once the weather gets colder. Even though my t-zone area is still oily, my cheeks become really dry. Doesn't matter how much or how thick the moisturizer I apply, my face still becomes dry and pulled.

MAMO Botanics reached out to me back in October and offered to send me their facial oil called, 'Oro de Cacay' to try. The oil is made from cacay nuts which are grown and native to the Colombian Amazon rainforest. What I especially like about MAMO is that they work together with the farmers in Colombia.

Taken from their website:
MAMO works with indigenous farmers that wild harvest tree-based ingredients to conserve Amazon forests and indigenous traditions. 15% of MAMO's profits are invested in biodiversity conservation [...] Environmentally sustainable sourcing that promotes reforestation. Generations incomes for small and indigenous Colombina farmers
I love Josie Maran's Argan Oil as much as the next person. But if you're looking for a good facial oil for the winter that also gives back to the community they source their ingredients from, MAMO Botanics is worth checking out.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Face Shop - YEHWADAM Pure Brightening Serum Review

Brightening products have always been popular in skincare. For some reason, when I first started using skincare, I was under the impression that brightening meant whitening. Which it really isn't. Brightening products are focused more towards exfoliating in order to enhance the skin. Whereas whitening products include bleaching agents to remove dark spots. I'm not into using whitening products, but I am definitely interested in having brighter more youthful looking skin.

Since I don't wear a lot of makeup, brightening serums or creams kind of act like a base for my skin. I find any blemishes are sort of blurred away with the brightening products. So overall, I don't have to wear a lot of foundation. 

So if you're like me, and you're more au naturel, then you might be interested in the this new product line by The Face Shop.

The Face Shop recently launched their YEHWADAM line. On their website, they currently have YEHWADAM revitalizing line which incorporates Ginseng. 

Launching on October 5th, The Face Shop will be releasing their Pure Brightening line. Which focused towards brightening and anti-aging:
Specifically developed to reveal skin's brightness and radiance by reducing the appearance of pigmentations, dark spots, and dull skin tone [...] The forumula, which contains the natural ingredients of Chilbaekseolyundan*, improves the appearance of dull, pigmented skin by creating a brighter, more radiant complexion
*Chilbaekseolyundan - patented brightening ingredients formula that includes 6 pristine traditional herbs harvested in Korea.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

By Wishtrend's Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water Review

There are times when I'm really diligent with my skincare and I have multiple steps. Though a lot of the times, I get lazy and my routine is very basic and I use the bare essentials. So during my lazy times, I enjoy using products that pull double duty.

Let me introduce to you By Wishtrend's new prepping water with Mandelic Acid.

This is a new product that was recently released By Wishtrend. Lazy skincare people rejoice! This is a hydrating and nonirritating exfoliant which is suitable for all skin types.

So is this a product worth trying?