Sunday, May 29, 2016

PinkSeoul Unboxing! May/June + April Mask KBeauty Subscription Box!

Hey everyone!

I know it's out of the ordinary for me to write a post one week after my previous one; if you can tell, I've mainly been posting bi-weekly. I find this gives me ample time in-between posts to figure out what I want to write and it won't make me feel as stressed to push out content weekly.

Since I received my PinkSeoul box this week, I wanted to share them with you before they ran out!

The post office has been good to me this week. Almost all the packages I've been expecting I received!

This month, there's more of a mix of things I'll definitely use and a few I won't really touch.

Also, since PinkSeoul was newly launched in March, they held a giveaway for those who wrote reviews for their subscription box. I partook in it and I was lucky enough to win the April Mask Box! I have an unboxing of that in this post as well.

Let's take a closer look at all the products I received this box!

I've already starting using the Skin & Lab fe-C sunscreen, since I don't have one in my skincare routine.

I'm glad I was being lazy and put off buying sunscreen, because I'm really liking this! 

I did mention a couple products I likely will not touch. One being The Face Shop Trendy Nails. Mainly being my work does not allow for decorated nails. Either plain, or neutral colours only, which is a darn shame. One year ago me would be all over the nail stickers! 

The second is the Skinfood black eyeliner. I've mentioned before I don't wear much face makeup aside from lipsticks. I even tried it on last night and the results were less than amazing. Basically I was applying it and the entire time thinking "I have no idea what I'm doing". 

I also had a fail moment with the eyeliner. I was trying to twist the bottom to get the liner to come up, but it wouldn't. Then I realized the bottom had the eye line smudger. Yep, I goofed. 

Below are descriptions of the products along with the prices. 

Click to Enlarge

I quickly added up all the products in this box and it came to $83.95 USD.

Even though there are a few products I will not be able to use, I'm still very happy with the subscription box this month.

PinkSeoul Mask Box

As I've been getting into Masks lately, I was really happy to have won the April Mask Box (I never win anything!) from a review I posted on their website.

While waiting for this box, PinkSeoul founder Anna basically proved why her customer service is one of the best. The shipping was slightly delayed so she sent me a message to keep me updated. THEN when the product was shipped and she noticed I hadn't picked it up yet after a couple of days, she sent me another email advising me.

This is one of the reasons why I enjoy PinkSeoul so much. The quality of their products and their service are top notch.

Anyway, a closer look at the Mask Box:

I was given the option between 6 masks PinkSeoul had, just to make sure I wasn't given one that I already owned. I chose the Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask. I haven't tried any of these masks before, I have seen plenty of them on Instagram though, so I'm definitely looking forward to testing them out.

Closer look at the products, prices and descriptions.

Click to Enlarge

The Mask Box Subscription is $29.95 USD bi-monthly. All the items in the box came to $59.95 USD. 

Interested in trying out PinkSeoul? They're offering a code for 10% off your first box. Code is: FRIENDS10

What are your favourite masks at this time? Anything you see here you would like a review of? Let me know!


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    1. Yeah, EH masks are pretty good! It's a shame this line they're discontinuing.