Monday, May 23, 2016

Wishtrend Haul Unboxing! Benton and COSRX - Snail Bee & BHA Blackhead Power

Hey everyone!

Finally, it's getting warmer outside! So happy to not have to drag around my thick winter jacket. Though I realized I don't really have an appropriate jacket for Spring. Actually, I don't really have a light wind breaker for the Summer evenings either. Hmm me thinks I should shop less for beauty and more for... clothes. Maybe. Or buy both.

Anyway, I ordered from Wishtrend end of April, and I've finally received my package! Since this was an April order (I ordered... quite a lot of things last month) my no spending in May I set for myself, is still going strong! I mean, granted I broke it already, but only with really small purchases. Still counts!

I've been seeing COSRX all over instagram along with Benton Snail products (most of my purchases as of late have been directly influenced by the AB community there). I was originally going to purchase all COSRX, but their snail products were sold out on Wishtrend. By chance while exploring the site (a serendipity if you will, haha see what I did there?!) I found their Snail Bee Gift Box for sale.

All the products I purchased were on sale as well, so I wanted to snatch them up before they sold out!

Here's a further look of all the products I ordered:

Benton - Snail Bee Gift Box

I've never really cared for anti-wrinkle products, mainly because I don't have wrinkles to worry over. But once my birthday passes next month, I'll be in my late-twenties. (T_T) I figure, now is a better time than any to start focusing on wrinkle prevention.

The set comes in a nice gift box along with a Benton shopping bag if purchased for someone else.

Items included:
- Skin (150ml)
- Lotion (150ml)
- Essence (60ml)
- Steam Cream (50g)
- Mask (10 sheets)

This set is great, because if I were to purchase all products individually at $15.99 USD each, it would come to $79.95 USD. But on sale, I got this set for $59 USD.

COSRX - BHA Blackhead Power Liquid + BHA Blackhead Power Cream

I've always been a little self-conscious with my blackheads and I'm constantly on the look out for products to combat them. The BHA Blackhead Power line is supposed to prevent blackheads, control sebum and fight blemishes. I want it. I NEED it.

The set at the time I purchased for $29 USD where as the full price for both is $41 USD. Currently it's available for $36.90 USD, but the sale prices of them individually comes to $32.80 USD. I know, why is it more expensive? Makes no sense! But it is currently part of their free shipping sale so no minimum purchase (of $69 USD) necessary.

Overall, I'm really happy with all the products I've purchased and I'm in the process of incorporating them into my AM/PM skincare routine.

Look out for reviews!

Have you tried anything from COSRX or Benton before or any of the products above? What are your favourites from the brands?


  1. The CosRx BHA is something I want to try next! I haven't tried anything from these two brands despite all the rave reviews for some reason. I am really curious about trying CosRx but I don't think I'd want to shop from Benton.

    1. You definitely should! I use the COSRX Blackhead liquid at night and I've noticed a huge improvement in my blackheads. My skin is especially softer now.

      Ah, any reason why you don't want to shop Benton? I have a toner from their Aloe line which is only alright, but their Snail Bee line is quite good so far!

  2. I love the benton essence and I should probably get this box since it's a much better deal than the Memebox Benton box. Thank you for the unboxing!

    1. I really like the toner as well! Basically my favourite products of my night routine right now. Definitely worth buying from wishtrend. I didn't know it was cheaper than memebox. All the more reason to buy it before it sells out!

  3. I really liked the sheetmasks when I tried them before! Have been interested in trying out more of the line once my no buy is over.

    1. Oh, I haven't had a chance to try the Snail masks. I'm definitely going to do so this week! Oh I know. I have a no buy for myself as well, but there are so many things I want to get. The addiction... it's real haha.

  4. The Benton Steam Cream was the first k-beauty product I tried, but it was too thick and heavy for me :( I've heard good things about the lotion and essence though! I've also tried a sample of the CosRX BHA Blackhead Power liquid and I loved it! It's very light and watery, not oily or sticky like the Paula Choice ones :)

    Jenny //

    1. Awe that's too bad it was too thick for you =( Usually I don't like thick products either, but so far, my skin has been drinking it up.

      Yeah, the Blackhead Power Liquid is great so far! My skin has been sooo incredibly smooth since implementing it into my routine. You're right, not oily or sticky which is great!

  5. love the snail bee line from Benton. Their Aloe line is also really good - I am currently using that and I plan on using their latest fermented goodies!
    You might really enjoy Benton's Honest TT mist too

    1. I haven't tried the honest mist yet actually. Really tempted to, because I really do enjoy mists.

      Oh I'm looking forward to what you think about the new fermented products! May get them after I'm done these.