Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Body Shop - Passion Fruit Body Butter Review

Passion Fruit is a limited edition Body butter. So unfortunately, it is no longer available in stores, or else I'd tell you all to go buy one right now! This is by far my new favourite scent at the store.


I've noticed that depending on the scents, the consistency/formula for every body butter is different. This one along with a few others, is more... buttery. You sort of have to use something to scoop the product out, as it can be a little more dense. But for others especially the Blueberry, I've noticed it's a lot creamier, and easier to scoop out. 
That doesn't bother me, as I love the scent so much! Though I don't eat Passion Fruit often, so I can't say that the scent accurate. It's definitely fruit. Probably more towards the artificial side. There are only a few scents from the line that are true to the fruit scent. (Mango is one of them)
Passion Fruit is very fruity and sweet, which can turn some people off.

I think the product stays on for quite a while. I only put on the butter after I shower, and I bathe at night. In the mornings, I can smell the passion fruit scent in my clothes! Nothing beats waking up in the morning and smelling of passion fruit!
It can last a while too. I tend to put on a lot, especially by my hips and back, since they are the areas that get the driest during the winter. I have to reapply sometimes, but it's not too bad. I wouldn't say it's the most moisturizing of all the body butters, but it's one of the few. If you want one that is really moisturizing, I would suggest Vitamin e or shea butter. When you head into the store, they actually set up the butters from most moisturizing, to least. 

Overall, not the best for moisture, but the scent is what makes me love it so much! So yes, I would definitely recommend trying this, especially if you love fruity scents. 
Unfortunately, it is no longer being sold, as it is limited edition. They usually release their limited edition scents close to Christmas time, so keep your eyes out!

Purchased for $10 each at The Body Shop

Have you tried passion fruit before? What are your thoughts? If you haven't tried this, are there any you have tried, or want to try?

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