Sunday, October 9, 2016

Heimish Mini Lipstick Palette Review + Swatches

A few days ago, I posted a photo of this lip palette I received in my PinkSeoul subscription box a while back on my Instagram. A few people asked for swatches, so I figured I'd post a review and my lip swatches in one post.

I actually hadn't heard of Heimish until I received this palette sample. They have a cleansing balm that is really popular in the KBeauty community.

While I'm curious to try out more from Heimish, spoiler alert: The pigmentation for these lipsticks are not consistent.

Taken from Stylekorean:
Heimish Dailism serum rouge original lip stick returned,full effecting of Creamy Lipstick. Pure vegetability oil included, Creamy Formula lip applied Flexible texture, provides high fit. Perfect coverage with wonderful color formation.this heimism dailism serum creates lively and volume lips
From right to left: MRCR01, MRCR02, RGBE01, RG0R01, RGRD01


MRC and RG are from different lipstick lines. MRC is Dailism Mineral Rich whereas RG is Dailism Serum Rouge. Weirdly enough, the description for both lipsticks are the exact same (see above).

But honestly, the consistency is the same for both. Both lines contain: 
Pure sunflower seed oil extract, Brazil Nut Oil extract, Rose of china oil extract, pure vitamin rose hip oil extract
Since the lipsticks contain different plant oil extracts, the lipsticks are soft and easy to work with. So I would recommend storing this in a cool place to prevent it from melting.

I used a lip brush for initial application, but I ended up using my fingers to fix it up as with a brush the product was very streaky. It's recommended to use a lip liner or foundation to help with the application.

The lipsticks feel great on the lips. They're creamy and very moisturizing. They're by no means long lasting though so I had to reapply after eating or drinking.

As you'll see below, all the lipsticks offer a glossy finish.


MRCR01 - Working day

This is a very pretty coral. I could see myself wearing this a lot during the summer. 
From the palette, working day is one of two shades that are the most pigmented. 

Oddly enough, I couldn't find this shade on Style Korean. But I'm pretty sure this is actually MR0R02 rather than MRCR02. This shade is very similar to my natural lip colour. It's still a tad bit lighter, but of all the shades is the closest one I would consider as a 'My lips but better' lipstick. Although still sheer, I would definitely consider purchasing the full size of this product. 

RGBE01 - Morning Calm 

Morning calm is the lightest of the shades and is too pale for me. My least favourite shade of the palette. 

Morning Calm and Morning Glow were very disappointing to me because they are the sheerest of all 5 shades. As you can see, there is very little colour payoff. There are orange undertones and because it is sheer, it makes the colour a little more wearable. But I was expecting more. 

RGRD01 - All Night

All night is the most pigmented shade. It actually left a slight tint on my lips after as well. The fuscia is perfect for Fall. 


While there are a few duds in this palette, there are a few that stand out. The lipsticks feel great on the lips. I feel like I'm wearing a tinted balm more than anything. Working day and All night are certainly buildable but I had to apply a few coats to get to the shades in the photos.

I would be interested in trying other shades, but knowing that the colour payoff varies, I am less inclined to go order them right away.

I did a brief search for Heimish and it doesn't look like they're easy to get ahold of. This particular palette is a gift with purchase. So only full sized products are available.

Style Korean sells them for $15-$16 USD and eBay sells them from anywhere between $17 CAD - $24 CAD.


The Good
- Moisturizing
- Feels like a balm on the lips
- Creamy consistency
- Not scented

The Bad
- Streaky application with a brush
- Certain colours very sheer
- Need numerous coats to be opaque

Have you tried Heimish lipsticks before? Are there any shades on this palette that you're interested in trying?

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