Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Beauty Haul!

Hello everyone!

How was everyone's Christmas and New Year? Or more importantly, how are your resolutions coming along? I didn't make any this year, because I knew I break them within the week.
Though I have told myself to stop buying lotions and lipsticks because I have way too many. Granted, my haul, I have quite a bit of lotions pictured, but some were gifts. Well one of them. But I did receive a handful of hand creams yesterday. That'll be for another post, I suppose.

School has started, so I am once again quite busy. And by busy, I mean I have been procrastinating. And playing video games. See why I don't make resolutions?

All the things purchased were around Christmas time or Boxing day, when all the big sales start.

I know, I definitely purchased a lot. I also realized I forgot to take pictures of a few other products I purchased. 

From left to right:
1. 4 body butters from The Body Shop the scents:
- Passion Fruit
- Papaya
- Vitamin E (bought this mainly cause it's really moisturizing, and great for the winter
- Blueberry
3 out of the 4 are limited edition

2. Innisfree face mask pack
- it's a little difficult to see, since they're all in one package. I haven't even opened it yet to be quite honest. Going to wait till I finish 'My Beauty Diary' masks before I start on these ones. A friend of mine kept recommending this brand to me, so I finally gave in and bought a pack of $10 for about $13

3. Yesstyle - Cat coin pouch
- Don't judge me... I like cute things. I purchased this during Cyber Monday sale on yesstyle for $8 and some change.

4. Revlon - 929 Diamon Texture 
- a Christmas limited edition shade. Once I saw this at the store, I couldn't get it off my mind. Eventually I went back and bought it. $7.99, but I don't even regret it. So shiny!

5. Just Beyond - Cream Puff Rice Foam facial wash
- this is from a brand called... Just Beyond. Korean. Doesn't seem that well known, since I tried searching for it, and found little information. It says it is supposed to relax and smoothen your stressed skin. 

6. The Body Shop - Honeymania perfume
- I bought this together with the Honeymania body butter. But I don't have a photo of it, cause I've already used it up. The scent can be a little strong, but it's sweet and refreshing. Perfect for the summer.

7. Bath & Body Works - Sleep sommeil
- I received this as a gift. It came with shower gel, but I forgot to include it in the picture (I'm already using it) the scent is lavender vanilla.

8. Shiseido Perfect Rouge - PK 249
- I know I mentioned above that I would stop buying lipsticks. But I have a good reason! The last one I bought was back in September. And I waited till the end of the year! Also, Sears store was closing, and they advertised 10% off everything in store! Though I didn't end up getting the discount, so they lied. Anyway, I have a lot to say about this lipstick. I have not been able to fall in love with it yet. More in depth review on the way

9. Etude House - Wonder Pore Toner
- I have rather large pores that I have been trying to get rid of. My friend again, recommended me to try the entire Wonder Pore line from Etude House. I've only purchased two products from Wonder Pore. I have another item I'm keeping my eyes on. I have to use up a few products before I go ahead and buy it though. But look how cute the packaging is! You must know by now, I am a sucker for packaging. 

Have you tried anything in my photo? Curious about any of them? I will be taking my time when it comes to trying all the products out, but if there is something you really want a review for, let me know, and I'll start using it first. 

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