Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Missha Super Aqua - Anti-Trouble Forumula: Control Toner Review

Hello hello! It has been a while, my apologies. Finals are underway and my last one is this Friday. (It's an easy one thank goodness)

Today, I bring you a Missha toner. I have been using it for a couple weeks now, and I have finally used it long enough to write a review.

Taken from the box:
Toner to control  excessive sebum and keep moisture - oil balance. Prevents and controls various skin damages such as redness and dull complexions with its unique formula

Cap to prevent any toner from spilling out
The bottle is made of glass, so it is quite heavy, but I like it. Has a good weight to it and feels luxurious. Unfortunately, the bottle is only 150 ml. I paid about $20 for this and that can be a little expensive. Considering I can get my Aloe Toner from The Body Shop for about $8 during their sales, and it's 200 ml.

Sebum absorbing powder at the bottom

(Left to right: Unshaken form and when shaken)

Also what's interesting about this product is that it has some 'sebum absorbing powder' at the bottom that you have to shake and mix well. Basically, use the product in its unshaken form, then once again, shake it and use the toner on your T-zone. 

I won't copy and paste, but everything that this toner is supposed to help prevent is said on the back of the box (picture above)

I'll go through the 4 this toner advertises to prevent:
1. Preventing & Controlling skin damages
- I don't see that much of a different quite honestly. I could say it is helping, but I am using other products so those ones could actually be the ones preventing instead. 

2. Caring dark spots
- similar to skin damages, I have dark spots and they don't seem to have faded or anything

3. Easing & Soothing irritations
- It's alright. I wouldn't say it's as good as my aloe toner, but it does help sooth a bit

4. Hydrating & Clearing 
- Again, not as great as my Aloe Toner when it comes to hydration, but it helps clear off any extra dirt I have on my face REALLY well. Especially when I just use the toner, before I shake it. It has alcohol in the ingredients, but it's not that bad. It doesn't irritate my skin (I especially hate that burning sensation when I put too much toner on my face)

As for oil, well my pores aren't as big as they used to be, so my face isn't as oily anymore, but I doubt it is because of this toner. So far, it does 1/4 of of what it has advertised, and that's not good. 

Final thoughts:
It's really nothing special. I do like it as it cleans my face of any extra dirt, but that's about it. It also only comes in 150 ml and I paid $20 for it, which I consider expensive.

When I'm done using this, I plan on purchasing another toner from another brand, since this is only alright to me. I doubt it will become a staple in my skincare regime. 

I got this from ebay for $20

Have you guys tried this toner or any Missha products? What are your thoughts on them?
If you have any questions on this I may not have covered, feel free to comment or email me. 

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