Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Beauty Diary - Apply Polyphenol Mask

My apologies for the lack of posts. I finished writing the last of my midterm (finally) for this month. So I have a few weeks until my next round of midterms begin. 

Anyway, today I will be reviewing a My Beauty Diary - Apple Polyphenol Mask.
My Beauty Diary is I believe I Taiwanese brand (feel free to correct me) of skincare. They are most known for their masks, they have well over 15 types. As well as some face scrubs. I am currently using Strawberry yogurt acid facial wash. 

I've been dying to try these masks for many years. And finally, found them on yesstyle, selling them for a pretty reasonable price. $15 for a pack of 10, considering they're $20 on ebay. 

I chose Apple Polyphenol because the purpose of it is to 'tighten pores, brighten and clarify' the skin. 

When I first opened the package, it smelled exactly like apples! The one thing I love about Asian scents, is that they almost always smell exactly like the fruit/flower, etc. 
You have to be very careful when you take this out of the package and unfold it. I accidentally ripped the bottom - but it was fine once on my face. There was also a lot of serum left over in the package, so you can just rub it onto your neck. The instructions even recommend you do that. 

From yesstyle:

Do not wash off mask serum, just proceed with normal day skincare routine and you may apply your moisturizer over the skin. Place over your face for 20-30 minutes
I actually left it on for a lot longer, simply because there was so much, and the mask didn't dry out till much later. I wanted to enjoy it for as long as possible.

The mask is definitely refreshing when on and once you take it off. I didn't even have to apply any moisturizer because the serum was thick enough that it left my face feeling hydrated. I don't know if it brightens too much, but I have not used the product enough to really tell if there's a difference.

My Beauty Diary recommends you use their masks everyday, but I would rather not use them up so quickly and only use masks weekly. My pore are tighter, but that is also because I am using other skincare products that also help tighten my pores.
I also have the Red Wine Mask, which I prefer a lot more to this Apple Polyphenol.

So to summarize:
- amazing scent
- lasts a long time
- refreshing
- hydrating
- lots of product
- pretty cheap

I don't really have a con. The only thing is, since they recommend using this everyday, you'd have to buy masks almost bi-weekly. And to buy them constantly can be expensive. I'd only use this weekly, and use tightening pore scrubs daily instead.

I purchased this from for $15 CAD. Currently they are on sale for $12. And if you are a member on yesstyle you can get a minimum of 3% off.
I definitely recommend you try these masks.

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