Monday, October 14, 2013

Maybelline Color Show & ORLY nail polish haul

This will be a short post. I know I have been rather sporadic. I have a few school assignments due this week, but for the most part, I have been procrastinating. If possible, I could acquire a PhD in procrastination.

Anyway, I've had these polishes for a while now. A proper nail swatch will be taken soon.

(Left) Alluring Rose 15 (Right) Nailtrition

Now, ORLY nailtrition, it's a nail strengthener and growth treatment polish. It has a light pink tint, with some micro-sparkles. It's supposed to help prevent splitting and peeling of your nails.
I would say for the most part, it does help. My nails are incredibly weak, and they break very easily. I have noticed my nails are stronger after using this polish. It recommends to apply one coat on at least everyday for a week. Then take it off and at least leave your nails bare for the following week. I have not done that... But hey, my nails have only peeled once so far. 
Though I have started to drink milk again, so that also helps with building stronger nails. (Drink your milk people)
I purchased ORLY's Nailtrition from Winners for $6.99 CAD

Onto my new favourite nail polish. Maybelline's Color Show in Alluring Rose. There's something about holographic polishes that I love. The slight change of colour under the light I find really cool. I have been wearing this shade for the past month. It lasts so long! I got really lazy in reapplying a couple weeks ago, and it hardly chipped! 
I purchased this at Walmart for $2.49 or $2.99 CAD.

Have you tried any of these polishes? What favourite go to polish do you have?

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