Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cookie Monster Tank

My most recent trip to Toronto, I stopped by Forever21. There wasn't much that sparked my interest, but I do like graphic shirts. 

It's a little too loose for me, but nothing a bit of layering can't fix. I have found that Forever21 tends to run a little big, and their graphic shirts never come in extra small. But it's cookie monster, how can I resist? 'Me want cookie!' (He said something like that, right?)
Besides, Cookie Monster and I have something in common. An undying love/addiction to cookies. I especially love Oatmeal.

The shirt itself is extremely light, and has a washed out sort of style. Makes it seem rather vintage, which is pretty neat. I would love this shirt so much more though if it were a size smaller. Such is life. 

I purchased this shirt for $17.80 CAD.

What was your latest purchase?

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