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Smile Brilliant - Professional Teeth Whitening at Home

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A couple months back, Smile Brilliant reached out to me and inquired if I wanted to test out their Teeth Whitening kit. Unfortunately, I personally can't because I have invisalign and I need to keep them on as long as possible everyday. So while I couldn't use them, my boyfriend could. So you're going to see some close up shots of my significant others mouth/teeth!

My boyfriend Jason's teeth aren't too stained, but he was still pretty excited to try this out.

What's great about the whitening set is that it offers professional results from the comfort of our home. I know this is what appealled to Jason because he's a homebody. Also because I basically prepared everything for him. He's not going to say no to that.

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Literally everything was provided in the package that was sent. As they are customized trays, they do require you to take an imprint of your teeth (paste is provided for this). You send it out to them and within 3-5 business days, they send you your custom-fitted trays.

Smile Brilliant offers different systems for you to purchase based on how sensitive your teeth are.

Every package provides you with everything you need, which you can find here.

Courtesy of Smile Brilliant
I was sent the T3 Sensitive system that is available for $139 USD. This is the most basic set that is for those with lightly stained teeth. You can order sets that contain more depending on how stained your teeth are. Depending on the person, it takes an average of 7-14 sessions for stains to be removed.

An instruction manual is provided so don't worry. They're pretty straight forward as well. Check out this video review for a further breakdown. Starts at 3:13.

It's important to note that the whitening trays are a very soft plastic. So when you rinse the excess product off from every session, be sure to rinse with cold water.

Each syringe is enough for about 3-4 sessions. I found even with the recommended thin ribbon of gel, I went through the desensitizing gel more quickly. The single syringe was more like 3.5 sessions and the whitening gel was enough for 4.5 sessions before I broke out the second syringe.

I became a little obsessive with the results, I relentlessly annoyed and creeped out Jason by asking him to show me his teeth after every session. I need to document it for science!!

Depending on how sensitive your teeth are, they recommend to start on with shorter sessions and slowly increase the time. I had Jason leave them on for 30-45 minute sessions. He didn't notice any teeth sensitivity until the 3rd session. Even with the desensitizing gels (which I had him leave in for 20-30 minutes), his teeth still ached the next day. So if you have sensitive teeth, I would recommend doing this every other day.

Also take a look at this article that explains tooth sensitivity and also recommends some solutions to prevent it.


Due to Jason's teeth being rather sensitive, we extended the sessions to about every other day (sometimes even pushing it to once every two days) for about 2 weeks.

The results aren't vast, mainly because Jason didn't have major stains to begin with. But with consistent use, there are results.


Don't be discouraged if you don't see the results as quickly as you would hope. As Smile Bright states, it can take anywhere from 7-14 sessions for all the stains to be removed. 

Overall Thoughts 

Smile Bright is really convenient especially if you don't have the time to make an appointment to get your teeth professionally done. The kits are convenient as everything is provided for you and they even have picture instructions to assist. 

Their customer service is also great. They are professional and answer all questions I had in a prompt manner. 

With regards to the whitening results, it's difficult to say as Jason is lucky and doesn't have a lot of stains to begin with. We do still have a syringe left and will continue with the remainder of the sessions. 

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*Smile Brilliant sent this to me complimentary in exchange for my honest review. My opinion is my own and is in no way influenced

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