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Skin18 Masks Galore: Part 2: Luke Hydrogel Patches, Mugwort Nose Patch & Inoface Modeling Cup Pack Reviews

Part 2 the conclusion of the second package of skincare products from Skin18. If you haven't read part 1, you can find it here

Masks being reviewed in this post:
Luke Mugwort Nose Strip
Luke Vitamin Hydrogel Eye Patch
Inoface Modeling Cup Pack - Tea Tree

Luke Mugwort Nose Strip

Taken from Skin18:
Mugwort is good for combination, normal skin. [...] clean pores, remove blackheads on nose, minimize and tighten pores. Sooth skin relieve irritation tighten pores after cleansing [...] includes vitamin E & Aloe Vera extract to sooth skin, licorice root extract to relieve irritation and hamamelis virginiana to tighten pores after cleansing
Honestly, I don't like using blackhead strips because I never have much success with them. I used to use the Biore deep cleansing strips. They got rid of a few blackheads, but I still had a lot remain. This one was no different. If anything, it was less effective.

The material was very different to the Biore nose strips. Instead of a cotton material, these Luke strips were basically paper. I felt like they didn't adhere to my skin that well.

The scent wasn't any better either. Mix between Chinese medicine and... well dirt. The scent didn't dissipate either.

I left the patch on for over 10 minutes. I wouldn't recommend putting too much water over the it, just however much is necessary. It took forever to dry. When I removed the patch, I may have only had one or two blackheads removed.

Overall Thoughts
I was very disappointed with this strip. I've read reviews where people enjoyed using them but unfortunately I'm not one of them. I'd stick with scrubs or even the Biore ones if you really want to use strips. Unless you can get these for free, they wouldn't be worth spending money on.

Luke Vitamin Hydrogel Eye Patch

Taken from Skin18:
Main purpose: Hydration, firming, reduce dark circles and puffiness. [...] supply intense hydration and relaxation to your tired eyes and deliver nutrients to your eye skin 
This eye patch is exactly the same as the Hydrogel Eye Patches I tried from my last reviewers pack. You can read the review here. This eye patch was equally as ineffective.

The patches had a slight citrus scent to them. Exactly the same as the other patches I used. The side where I was supposed to apply on my under eyes were very sticky. I'm not a huge fan, as when I pulled the product on, it tugged at my skin.

Overall Thoughts
While my under eyes felt a little plump after, ultimately it didn't do anything. Not worth trying at all.

Inoface Modeling Cup Pack - Tea Tree

Taken from Skin18:
This product soothes sensitive skin, quickly and helps regulate oily skin.[...] modeling pack forms a vacuum layer inside the skin to provide moisture and nourishment deep inside without loss of nutrients contained in serum and contract pores with cooling effect
Unfortunately for me, I didn't get a chance to fully experience this product. I've used Modeling masks before, but this one I botched the water to powder ratio. I basically added it in slowly because they didn't provide any instructions on how much to add (or it was in Korean). On the website though, it does tell us how much to use, but I didn't look on Skin18. Would have been nice to have.

But anyway, the product dried up way too quickly for me. I managed to apply a small layer on my cheek and the rest became garbage. Don't try adding more water either. That just made it worse.

So I'm sure this product is great, the reviews for it are pretty decent. But I find it a lot of work. More so than with a clay mask. Definitely have to work really fast because it dries so quickly.
I mean, this is a lot of trouble for a mask. I'd rather use a face mask and be done with it.

I also find it a little expensive. One time use and it's $5.40 USD (sale price on Skin18)? No thanks.

Looking over the products for this post, they coincidentally turned out to be the ones I disliked the most out of the reviewers pack I received. Funny how that worked out.

This Luke brand doesn't seem to have a good track record with me. I've basically disliked almost all the products I've tried from them-except for one. In the future, I'll likely just stay away from the brand altogether.

This concludes the second Skin18 reviewers pack I received.

Have you tried any of the products listed above? What are some products that you ended up disliking?

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Skin18.com in return for my honest opinion. My opinion is my own and no way influenced.

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  1. Too bad these products turned out be duds but I love how you have reviewed it :)