Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist Review

I'm a sucker when it comes to cute things. I mean, look at it! Who wouldn't want it?!

How darn cute is this?!

I quite like the packaging. It is plastic, but it doesn't feel cheap, and it doesn't feel like it'll break easily. It's also a little smaller than my hand. You can definitely carry it around with you, but if you have a lot of things in your bag, this may be unnecessary weight. 

Taken from yesstyle:
Weightless facial mist controls oil and minimizes surface shine to keep skin looking beautifully matte longer. The nourishing blend of fruit and vegetable essence inhibits excessive sebum production while keeping skin hydrated for a fresh and radiant glow, without a sticky and heavy feel. To refresh skin, hold bottle about 20-30 cm from face, close your eyes and spray face liberally with mist
The scent is more citrus. The fruity scent is for the moisturizing bunny spray. The sleek spray is geared towards those with oily skin (like me). The sleek spray contains more citrus extracts.
Though I was tempted to get both, cause they're both equally cute (See what I mean, when I say I'm a sucker?).

I can't say I love the scent. Honestly, I don't really care for the product. It can be cooling during the summer, but my face isn't completely mattified after being sprayed. Also, the product doesn't spread very well. I actually have to spray the mist closer to my face, and a couple times also. 

Overall, it's alright. I wouldn't repurchase for the mist. Luckily, it's a twist top. I plan on filling the container with something else when I am finished. 
Product itself isn't anything to write home about. But the packaging is so darn cute, I don't regret my purchase. 

Tony Moly's sleek pocket mist is available on yesstyle here. They currently have a 20% off all Tony Moly products, with free shipping. 
I purchased this on ebay for about $9.50

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